Thursday, February 14, 2008

Team Browncoats Website Launch


Team Browncoats _AZ has launched it’s Web Site

Team Browncoats a Scenario Paintball Team made up of Disable and able veterans and there friends and family. Is proud to announce the lunching of there web site at Our web site has links to our sponsors and there great products and you can stop by our T shirt shop and order one of our ‘You Can’t take The War Out Of Warrior’ Shirts every penny Team Browncoats make on our shits, cup’s all goes back to the Team so we may place more disable Veterans in the Sport of paintball. Say’s Team Manager Michael Supulver we also have a team blog where you can leave a message and we will get back to you. Team Browncoats is a not for profit team this means that we rely on donations to help us to get to the Games so if you would like to make a donation by just hitting our Donation button. Team Browncoats does have some Great sponsors and we want to thank all of them. But we still need help. Say’s Michael Supulver .If you would like learn more about Team browncoats you can contact Michael Supulver at

Thursday, February 7, 2008

2008 Dye Assault Harness

Dye products might be expensive but they always look good. I want one!

The Assault Pack is a perfect example of the collaboration between designers and athletes. Our design team meticulously picked apart every harness available. We sat down with our professional players and picked their brains on the most elite pack they could think of. Then we let our design team do their thing. The first item of concern has always been reducing the weight. We were able to accomplish this by utilizing new materials in different configurations and reducing the overall weight by 5oz! Supportive waist belt, sturdy construction, easy access to pods were some of the other areas of concern that we were able to improve upon. Check out the details for all of the highlights.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mikko Huttunen Yakuza OLED Ultralite board

The boards are in and going through final software revisions, testing, and quality control. Looks good!

straight off tadao technologies' site

SLY 2008 BionicStretch Jersey & Pant Line

Where's the Joy Division Leopard version?!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hardcorps Paintball - Torque - LoudMouth Shell

So is this Hardcorps saying - I hope this helps limit the number of spilled paintballs....

Hardcorps Paintball is currently in the manufacturing stages of the new shell for the Torque Loader.
The Loudmouth shell will offer increased capacity and a larger opening for paint to enter the loader. Pricing isn't available at this time, but George Spurlock of The Alamaar Group was able to say that the shells will be initially produced in black, smoke and clear colors. Stay tuned to for information and pricing on the LoudMouth Shells.

2008 Delta Paintball Nxe Pack


Delta Paintball, Inc. in partnership with NXe Paintball, the foremost soft goods company in the industry, is pleased to present the next evolution in scenario paintball with the creation of the Delta Paintball Teams own private label NXe Elevation harness. The Delta Paintball Team joins the ranks of other NXe professional teams, San Diego Dynasty, Stockholm Joy Division and Boston Red Legion. The Delta Paintball Team will proudly be using the Delta line of NXe soft goods exclusively and will continue to showcase the innovative Elevation Series Harness along with other upcoming items for the remainder of the 2008 season.

"At NXe, we view Delta as a professional scenario team. As such we felt that they should have a custom pack to represent their unique style, and image. We would like to thank Delta Paintball Team for their hard work promoting NXe in the past and look forward to working with them in the future." -Karl Sprentall

"NXe is the brand of champions, and the gear stands up to everything we throw at it. As players we know that the scenario field pushes players gear to the breaking point, and in NXe's products we have found gear that goes to that point and beyond "
said Josh Foote, DPT Captain.

"This past year with NXe has been great and we could not ask for any better support from a company like NXe, when they say that they are dedicated to the true player, they truly mean it. We are grateful to be NXe's premier scenario team, and look forward to continuing our strong partnership for many years to come." said Pete "Evil Cetane" Joy, DPT Assistant Captain.

For more information on Delta Paintball, Inc. and the Delta Paintball Team, please visit
For more information on NXe's full line of soft goods and innovative products for paintball players, please visit

2008 HATER Flat Brimmed Hats

They ship all day long and for that price shipping should be free!

2008 HK Smog Air Crossfire Tanks

I can't believe they are using these lines for marketing.... "style is confidence" & "it will make them look good doing so". Don't try to sell a tank to us by saying it's style is going to give us confidence, thus changing the way we feel and play. What an excuse to charge extra $$$. Most tanks will have a cover on them hiding that confidence building style anyway....

Crossfire is pleased to announce the release of the new HK SMOG AIR SYSTEMS. The new air systems will be available in a vast range of sizes (45/68/88). Contact your local dealer OR you can find HK SMOG AIR directly at HOLLYWOODHK.COM!

Crossfire is excited to embrace Hollywood HK as the newest member of the Crossfire family. We have been watching the HK ARMY expand through the years and have been looking forward to collaborating with them. The new HK SMOG AIR SYSTEMS will be limited edition and highly valuable. There will be multiple designs of limited edition HK SMOG AIR SYSTEMS available throughout the year.

Crossfire prides itself on producing the most advanced and highly reliable air systems on the market. With a longstanding reputation for quality and success, we are certain that the new HK SMOG AIR SYSTEMS will uphold our image. Hollywood HK will take part in assisting us with the design of the limited edition air systems. HK SMOG AIR SYSTEMS by Crossfire will step your game up to a whole new level.

Hollywood HK is thrilled to add Crossfire air systems to the 08-09’ seasons. Crossfire’s highly advanced paintball product will prove to be a valuable asset to the HK ARMY. The team has been looking forward to this collaboration all year. The Crossfire air system is a key element towards making any team successful. The light-weight, highly efficient tanks will aid us in victory for the 08-09’ seasons. Not only will these tanks allow players to perform to their full potential, but it will make them look good doing so. Remember, style is confidence. What will you step on the field with?

2008 Tippmann 98

Are fields going to use this as their new rental or move on from the Tippmann line and use a cheap Smart Parts gun?

BUFFALO GROVE, IL - Tippmann Sports is proud to announce that the company's legendary 98 Custom has been significantly enhanced with several new features. Tippmann's new 98 Custom Platinum Series is a next-generation paintball marker that combines everything players have long respected about the original 98 with eight exciting new features - all added to make the marker easier to upgrade, modify and maintain. The most significant change is a new Split Receiver Design, which provides easier access to internal components for simplified installation of accessories and upgrades such as electronics, stocks, magazines and other modifications.

"We're really excited about the 98 Custom Platinum Series," said Denny Tippmann, Jr., Senior Vice President of Research and Development. "When designing this marker, we needed to be careful to maintain the integrity of the original 98 while incorporating some pretty significant enhancements - and we've accomplished just that. In fact, many of the changes incorporated came from longtime 98 users who had some great suggestions."

In addition to the Split Receiver Design, other new features incorporated into the 98 Custom Platinum Series, include:

An Easy-to-Remove Power Tube Design with self-sealing/locking gas line, which makes cleaning and maintaining the marker quick and easy;

Full Depth Pockets for ASA, which eliminates the need to loosen the ASA bolts when disassembling the marker;

Secure Front Sight Spring and Trigger Pins, which makes the marker easier to service and reassemble;

New Barrel Porting and a Matte Finish, which improves marker air efficiency and reduces reflective glare;

Picatinny Rails, which makes adding a carry handle, scopes and other accessories a snap;

Redesigned, Vertical Front Grip, which offers improved stability and added texture for a more secure feel;

Redesigning Sling Mount End Cap, which allows players to easily attach a variety of different sling styles.

In conjunction with the launch of the 98 Custom Platinum Series, Tippmann is also introducing a new Quick Thread Flatline Barrel, which attaches as easily as any other barrel to save players significant time and effort.

"Initial response to the new 98 has been extremely positive," Tippmann added. "We expect the 98 Platinum Series to appeal to a broad range of players - from newer players who seek out durability and ease-of-use to more seasoned players who really respect the 98's proven performance and reliability."

All of the new Platinum Series enhancements will be incorporated into Tippmann's complete lineup of 98 markers - including the 98 Custom Pro, 98 Custom Tactical Edition and Ultra Basic models - beginning February 2008. Tippmann will also be rolling out a durable new rental marker, which offers the same features found in the new 98 Custom Platinum Series with the exception of the Picatinny Rail and the Sling Mount End Cap.

For additional details about the 98 Custom Platinum Series, please call Tippmann Sports at 1-800-533-4831. More specific product information and retail availability is also available on the company's website, located at

For more than 20 years, Tippmann Sports has been dedicated to quality manufacturing and the pursuit of cutting-edge technology and design. The company serves the paintball industry from its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Tippmann Sports' complete line of paintball markers and related accessories can be found at paintball stores and fields as well as mass retail and sporting goods outlets throughout the world.