Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Planet Eclipse EG09

I hate teaser pics but figured it was worth the post....

Friday, September 5, 2008

New Dye DM9 Marker Video & Pic

Check it out.... What do you think????

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 DP REV-i

Here are some more pictures (real) of the REV-i. Not sure what to think yet....

2008 Luxe - New Colors

Check out the new colors.... I like the joker version!

Thanks PBHUB for the pics!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Black Chrome Invert Mini - Limited Edition

OK - so I will end today's posts with a blurb about a Limited Invert Mini. Closer to my heart than the DM8 I posted earlier seeing as I personally sport a black version of this....

Only 1000 being made and it includes those spiffy white gloves to help with the finger prints. Funny, seems pointless if you are going to actually play with this.

Thanks to Paintball Buyers Guide for the pics and information.

Oliver Lang DM8 - Limited Edition

I know two DM8 posts in a row after not posting for such a long time. Sorry!

Dye London Nexus DM8

I still like the Luxe better but this color setup is tops...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nice Gunns

I have to apologize for not posting anything over the last few months. My life has been running full speed and it's been hard to find time for my blogs. Anyway, with that said, I am looking for some help! Are there any fellow paintballs out there that want to contribute to this blog? Please email me a quick hello and a little about yourself; once we get the introductions out of the way hopefully a fun paintballing professional relationship can be made! HA!

2008 REV-i

Wow - I had to post these pics - can't wait to see the real thing!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

2008 Spyder Electra

Kingman drops a new beginner gun....

Leap™ Circuit board with rear facing color access mode display (CAMD) developed by Tadao® Technologies
“Synergy Engineering” low pressure dual air source system
Break Beam Eye
Aluminum Eye Covers
3 modes: semi-auto, psp ramp, millennium ramp
Fast charge inline regulator
Vented pressure relief on/off
Reduced overall profile (20% lighter and 15% shorter)
25 bps
Steel braided hose line
Quick release delrin bolt
12” two piece micro ported barrel
Twist lock clamping feedneck
3-way adjustable Magnetic Response “Saber” trigger
All aluminum body
Recessed dual texture grip panels
All aluminum trigger frame with dove tail
Standard CA threaded VA
Compatible with Spyder 9.6v Rechargeable battery or a premium 9v
Alkaline battery
External velocity adapter
300psi operating pressure
Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air

Solo Jungle

Face Full's scenario mag is now on it's own!

Jungle Magazine hits newsstands

If you’re new to Jungle, this is the only dedicated scenario paintball publication that brings you woodsball news from all over the world.

If you’re curious about why the first newsstand copy is actually the 14th issue–it’s because for the past year, Jungle was packaged as a free publication with Facefull Magazine, the world’s top competition paintball magazine. Following the incredible success and overwhelming support from the scenario community and players all over the world, Jungle is now ready to launch as its own independent publication, with a cover price of just $4.95.

Why Jungle?
If the lifestyle, equipment and interests of scenario paintball players are so different from competition paintball, why cover them in the same magazine? We don’t. Jungle is an independent full-blown scenario paintball magazine. It features the latest news, gear, tests, strategy, in-depth features, and profiles, but also brings you exclusive interviews with the most respected names in the game, and keeps you updated with unparalleled coverage of scenario games from across the US all the way to the UK, Russia and Asia.

Continued praise for Jungle Magazine:

“I feel that Jungle Magazine is at the cutting edge of the ever changing paintball industry. I am amazed at the photography which always catches my attention, leaving me wanting to see more.”
Dewayne Convirs, D-Day Productions, USA

“Jungle magazine mirrors the high quality of their sister magazine, Facefull. Their excellent photo quality really brings the games to life. I like the rating system and honest views that they portray in their event coverage as well as their style of writing.”
Mike “Blue” Hanse, EMR Paintball Park, USA

“It was about time a magazine tackled Milsim paintball. It’s the best industry news of the decade.”
Fran├žois Gagnon, CEO Bigfoot Paintball, CANADA

“If you are a scenario or tactical player or just a serious recballer, you must have it. If you are an event promoter, Jungle will give you new ideas. If you’re a parent, keep up with what your kids are crazy about.”
Nick Sobolev, Action Paintball Games, RUSSIA

“Did someone say camo gear? I’m thinkin’ Jungle has this covered!”
Dean “CUDA” Allen, Mission Masters Paintball Games, USA

Check out what you’ve been missing: /

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2008 HB NPPL Scores - Congrats X-FACTOR

1st - San Antonio X-Factor
2nd - St. Louis Avalanche
3rd - SD Dynasty
4th - Golden State Ironmen

1st - Arsenal Evolution
2nd - Method Of Destruction
3rd - Impact *Not Edmonton Impact
4th - Avalanche Army

Div 1
1st - Aftermath ll
2nd - Hollywood HK
3rd - Splat Kids
4th - All Or Nothing

Div 2
1st - L.A. Endurance
2nd - Miami Rage D2
3rd - DC Arsenal Predators
4th - Aftermath Factory

Div 3
1st - CS Union
2nd - NV
3rd - Rockstar Factory Red
4th - Black Ce

Sunday, March 30, 2008

2008 WDP A1 Fly

Not a huge change to the design, smaller in size. Major change inside, all new internals is what I have heard. Overall if you love the Angel this is a welcome addition but nothing that will bring new players to WDP.

2008 Luxe from DLX Technology & Smartparts

Well I guess I was 75% right about a new gun from Smart Parts. The new 2008 Luxe made it official debut in HB. Looks nice and small and sounds like a treat. The $1500 price tag is a turnoff but as always - if you build it they will come.

See below for pictures and comments from PbNation thread.

Comments from PbNation

The valve and air handling systems of the Luxe eliminate common failure points and provide for full cleaning and lubrication of the bolt, valve, ball detents and anti-chop components in seconds, without tools. “It really is unbelievable,” said Rocky Knuth, a professional player and owner of the Seattle Naughty Dogs, who has had the opportunity to rigorously test Luxe prototypes for several months. “I can have the entire bolt and valve assembly out of the Luxe as fast as I can pop open a can of soda.”

The only reason for the allen wrench is to open the grips. I have held and shot this gun at the CFOA yesterday and if it wasnt for that ****ed up price tag and the NXT threads I would shoot one of these guns. it is soooooooo light. The speaker tells you everthing you want about your gun and can do it in 5 languages. The detents are similar to Angel Magnetic Detents. The hinged internals can be pulled even if the gun is aired up. Not a fan of the trigger but thats personal preferenceand trigger doesnt matter with ramping. The stock ASA runs on an internal hose system but you can change out your reg and asa to run a macro line if you want. In the picture you are seeing the stock ASA with a tank on it thats the fill nipple. The battery is a rechargable cell phone style battery you get 50000 shots off one charge. If the battery dies you take the two screws out from the speaker pull the quick disconnect plugin your new battery and go.

PBSTAR - Article below and linked

DLX Exclusive Photos & Info
It is rumored the gun will retail for $1500 and will only be available to the top Smart Parts dealers

DLX Technology is proud to announce the tournament debut of the Luxe professional tournament paintball marker at the 2008 NPPL Super-7 World Series tournament in Huntington Beach, California, March 28-30, 2008. Some of the best professional paintball players in the world will gain an edge with the ultimate luxury paintball marker.

“We knew making a product that would take things to the next level required a whole new approach,” said DLX Technology director Darryl Trent. “This allows us to redefine everything involved with the marker from concept and design to how it is built, how it arrives in the customer's hands, and even how the player is taken care of afterwards. We began this journey over two years ago, and I am excited to see the results in action.”

Under the leadership of the DLX Technology group, the combined efforts of designers, pneumatic, mechanical, manufacturing and software engineers, multimedia developers, linguistic specialists, professional paintball players and leading paintball field and store operators have culminated in the development of the ultimate luxury paintball marker – a synchronization of style, raw performance and unparalleled customer support.

Design of the Luxe started with a clean slate by championship winning pro players from the NXL and NPPL defining their needs – especially those that were not met by today's markers. Speed, consistency, accuracy, gentle handling of brittle paint and a compact form factor were given, but the missing elements were not so obvious – speed of maintenance and ease of configuration. In today's paintball tournaments every second in the staging area between points or best 2 out of 3 matches is critical, and that is where current paintball technology has fallen short - until now.

The valve and air handling systems of the Luxe eliminate common failure points and provide for full cleaning and lubrication of the bolt, valve, ball detents and anti-chop components in seconds, without tools. “It really is unbelievable,” said Rocky Knuth, a professional player and owner of the Seattle Naughty Dogs, who has had the opportunity to rigorously test Luxe prototypes for several months. “I can have the entire bolt and valve assembly out of the Luxe as fast as I can pop open a can of soda.”
Luxe innovations go well beyond the physical. The Luxe has been endowed with new means of communication. Although it has all of the programming flexibility serious tournament paintball players have come to expect – it has done away with the complexity. Memorization of beep and blink codes or carrying a manual to decipher them is unnecessary.

Features are not the only aspect to set the Luxe apart. From the ground up, its high-performance alloy parts are machined in the United States, by American workers using the most advanced manufacturing processes available – a rarity in today's paintball industry. The Luxe does not roll off of an assembly line. Instead each is hand built, tested and adjusted one at a time at DLX Technology by a Certified Luxe Technician, who is also an experienced professional paintball player with the background to know by feel when a marker is in top form.

Much like a luxury car, the Luxe is not a mail-order product. Luxe markers will be available only through Luxe Certified Dealers who have the staff and training to provide a top-quality customer experience and post-sale technical support.

Developed as a focused high-end design and manufacturing group owned by paintball industry leader Smart Parts, Inc., DLX Technology is dedicated to melding cutting edge technology with solid tournament performance to build the ultimate luxury paintball marker. To learn more, visit

DLX Technology Sales/Dealer Inquiries:
Attn: Darryl Trent, Director
Phone: 866-573-LUXE (5893)
Fax: 724-838-1612

Media Inquiries:


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rocky Cagnoni to DYE

He's still and Angel man to me!

Legendary Avalanche front man Rocky Cagnoni is now an employee of DYE Precision.
Cagnoni 36, is best known for his antics in the movie "Push" and while playing for Team Avalanche in the late 1990's and early 2000's. He was one of the first ever sponsored players in the sport, while being regarded as one of the best front/snake players in the game at the time. He represented WDP for several years, both using the product and lending his name to limited edition markers.

Cagnoni was at the PSP Phoenix event, but he spent the majority of his time in the truck moving product around. Cagnoni has confirmed that he'll be at the NPPL Huntington Beach event working in the DYE Booth there, which was just announced today by the NPPL.

Thanks 68caliber!


I really hope to make it down there this weekend!! I am predicting a new gun from Smart Parts.... For all of you that don't live in the area go to and watch what you can live!

WDP Angel A1 Fly Teaser Video

We all knew it was coming and finally some proof. I can't wait to see it in action!! BTW - Nice Gunns was talking about it back in October and we weren't the first ones...

2008 Dye Tamps Bay Damage Jerseys

The new jerseys for the Tampa Bay Damage look great. So much better than the bright colored stuff we have seen recently. Nice job Dye!

Redz Arsenal Pack

Check out Redz Arsenal Pack - It's actually looks blurry....

WDP A1 Trigger - Critical

Criticals new trigger for the WDp Angel A1.

Critical Angel A1 Trigger
* Dual Ball Bearing Pivot Point (using a ultra smooth high quality bearing)
* Ultra light weight design
* Ergonomically correct design
* Integrated adjustable reverse polarity magnetic return
* Rounded and smooth edges (fully radiused)
* Super smooth and very, very fast
* Fits the Angel A1 Marker
* Four way adjustable trigger, magnet tension, opti activation point, rear travel stop, and trigger angle
* Available in dust black, and polished black.

Monday, March 10, 2008

2008 Dangerous Power IQ

From what I can translate the Dangerous Power IQ is going to be released at Huntington Beach. The price range is on the lower end and it competes with higher end markers. It's not ugly but I wouldn't consider it pretty. More to come....


SinR by Alex Hodge

Nice design by Alex Hodge. Sort of looks like a DM9 or DM10.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The West Point Combat Classic - Spring 08

Join the US Army in West Point April 11th - 13th. You better know what your doing when you get in the woods with our protectors!!

Fire It Up - Eclipse

Not sure why but at least it's not an energy drink....

Rumors Rumors Rumors 2.14.08

- LP to give up the Dojo to write for Facefull in 08. Dont worry I will finally get an editor :p

- Lucian Blackburn quits Russians, says he "Just wasn't feel'n it...".

- Billy B to Infamous for XBall

- NEH backs out of NXL creating a odd number of teams, so in effect the NXL drops Ultimate.

- NEH signs with XO for paint.

- BSmith backs out of Authority for 7 man.

- BJ Jolley to NJ Authority for 7 man.

- Rolt Roberst back to XFactor.

- KEE cuts back all remaining sponsored teams to a max of 500 cases of practice paint.

- Ironmen consider dropping NPPL.

- Chad "yaya" Bouchez formaly played for vicious is now a Aftershock member.

- Shock will be shooting (exclusively) Black Shell, Ultra evil Orange fill paintball and they will be getting custom milled AShock edition dm8s from Dye.

- Kasey Feilds quits Naughty Dogs to play for Ironmen but his 2 year contract is still owned by Rocky Knuth so Hinman buys out Kasey Feilds contract in order to barter for Mouse's contract.

- Frank Connell is allegedly being forces to serve a 1 match suspension from over a year ago sences he has been in the open devision sence that time. This would be his first match back in the NXL sence the suspension and the powers that be are so far expecting him to serve it.

- XSV's gun sponsorship cut down as far as approximately 5 egos. They are still struggling to find the money to compete in 08.

Thanks PBDojo!