Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 Hybrid Tank Cover

Wow - these are an acquired taste... I keep seeing a sneaker, a women's corset, or a ugly tuxedo vest. I usually find something good about a product even if I don't like it but this one is hard. Anyone know the price?

Rumors Rumors Rumors 12.30.07

- Trauma is deffently done and the only Trauma player at the Russian tryouts was Lucian.

- Alex Fraige, Travis Lemanski, Bart Y., Rich Telford and Jeff Stein were elected to the NPPL pro steering committee.

- No more Strange, NEH, NJA murger. Strange is done, NJA will remain playing S7 only. Matt and Bart stay with both the Russians for Xball and NJA for S7. alex to retire

- If Bushwackers do infact play NXL it will be because the Shows Bro’s are given a spot on the team because Gary owns the spot.

- XSV loses Eclipse sporsorship but keeps Draxxus.

- Timmy Propst, Bryan Smith, and Mike Carthy sign on with Damage.

- Brandon Short offered 40k a year to play with Russians but Dye matched the offer to stay with Ironmen. Short will wear the sheild again in 08.

- JRab and Lucian are the newest American Russians, there are a few others still in the tryout process. I hear they are looking to pick up atleast 1 more.

- Looks like even more changes on the NXL horison, the most current rule change debate is regarding changing the format to a race to 7 points.

- The Tiljack to Ironmen rumor has been overturned. He was offered a spot but will remain with Avalanche in 08.

- I have heard the Ironmen offered Gerald Garcia a spot on the team and have a short list of players for a closed tryout coming up soon. More on this later.


A new Smart Part Gun that isn't an updated model, this sounds promising.... Has anyone out there heard anything more than this? I was expecting to see the Shocker updated for 2008 but this is much more exciting. If they really spent as much time as they say in development it better blow our socks off!!!

Various PbNation User:
There should be a new platform coming out sometime in the next month or so. They don’t have an event available to premier it at before the end of the season (they don’t attend NPPL) so when they release it is purely speculation.
Someone at the SP tent at cup confirmed that to me, it would make sense that they would go ahead and make a Dynasty version of their top of the line gun. He hinted that the new gun was gonna be high end, not like the different variations of the ION series like was available at Cup.

I just spoke to Adam. At this time, there are NO plans for team NXT shockers for next year. If you want one… buy them now at your local store before they are all gone. The only ones we have left here are Naughty Dogs, Evil, and.. uh.. I think that is it. Maybe a strange or 2. The Nasty and the Badlands are available still through the normal people.

Various PbNation User:
Will it come out in 2008?


Various PbNation User::
a new high end?


This new gun has been in the works for a very long time. I am happy that it is finally coming soon.

It is not a poppet. Sorry all you die hard nerve and impulse people! lol..

I wouldn’t call it a spool or a poppet. It’s new and different.

CFOA Releases 2008 Tournament Schedule

More 2008 Schedule information....

The CFOA, the world’s largest regional and five-man tournament series, has completed its 2008 schedule of five-man and XBall events. With eight major five-man events and five divisional XBall events, the league will for the second straight year promote thirteen tournaments. While some consider the number unlucky, the numbers didn’t lie, as 2007 proved to be another banner season for the CFOA, as the league shattered attendance records and gave away tens of thousands in prizes from generous sponsors.

2008 CFOA Five-Man Dates and Locations

Dirty South Open
February 23 & 24, 2008
Location: Hot Shots PB at Windy Hill Park in McDonough, GA

Queen City Masters
March 29 & 30, 2008
Location: PBC Sports Park Charlotte in Rock Hill, SC

Tarheel Open
April 26 & 27, 2008
Location: Carolina Paintball Park in China Grove, NC

River Jam
May 24 & 25, 2008
Location: Insane Paintball in Chattanooga, TN

To Be Announced
June 28 & 29, 2008

Carolina Classic
July 26 & 27, 2008
Location: PBC Sports Park Charlotte in Rock Hill, SC

Dixie Cup
August 30 & 31, 2008
Location: Classic Paintball in Lithia Springs, GA

September 27 & 28
Location: PBC Sports Park Charlotte in Rock Hill, SC

The CFOA five-man series will continue to host the Beginner, Rookie, and Novice playing classifications, however, those division titles will be replaced with the divisional number system.

Division 3 will replace Novice Division.
Division 4 will replace Rookie Division.
Division 5 will replace Beginner Division.
Division 6 will replace the Beginner Division at PBC 3-Man and SCPFOA.
All teams will be permitted to roster up to 8 players per team. Teams can roster one player from the next highest class, i.e…

D3 teams may roster one D1/D2 player.
D4 teams may roster one D3 player.
D5 teams may roster one D4 player.
D6 teams may roster one D5 player.

2008 CFOA XBall Dates and Locations

XBall # 1
February 16 & 17, 2008
Location: Hot Shots PB at Windy Hill Park in McDonough, GA

XBall # 2
April 5 & 6, 2008
Location: PBC Sports Park Charlotte in Rock Hill, SC

XBall # 3
July 24 & 25, 2008
Location: PBC Sports Park Charlotte in Rock Hill, SC

XBall # 4
September 20 & 21, 2008
Location: PBC Sports Park Charlotte in Rock Hill, SC

XBall # 5
November 15 & 16, 2008
Location: Carolina Paintball Park in China Grove, NC

CFOA XBall will continue to host the Division 2 and Division 3 playing classifications. Format changes for each division are:

D2 XBall
Division 2 matches will consist of a race to 7 points run on a 12 minute clock. Teams will switch sides after the fourth game point scored. Rosters will be capped at 17 people with a maximum of 12 players allowed. A limit of 2 D1 players will be permitted on the roster. No professional players will be allowed.

D3 XBall
Division 3 matches will consist of a race to 5 points run on a 12 minute clock. Teams will switch sides after the third game point scored. Rosters will be capped at 17 people with a maximum of 12 players allowed. A limit of 2 D2 players will be permitted on the roster. No D1 or professional players will be allowed.

For more information or to register, visit the CFOA homepage online at More announcements from the league are coming soon!

PbNation Skydeck Project - Ideas Please

I am sure the list of upgrades are going to be simple to extreme. Gun Racks, Air Fill Stations, Internet Stations, Xbox 360's, etc. As long as it has kegerators and lounge chairs it can't go wrong!


Hey here is a project we are doing for 2008 and we need your help and ideas.

We want to tap into the genius that is PbNation and see what suggestions and unique elements we can add to the PbNation Skydeck before it hits the road in 2008. PbNation will be customizing an Airstream Skydeck motor coach to travel to large events and for a planned tour of paintball fields this summer. It has all the basics but we wanted to add some more stuff and toys to really load it up.

Let us and the nation know what your ideas are…

The Skydeck
The PbNation Skydeck is a unique vehicle as only about 100 of these units were every made and this one will be refurbished and customized specifically for use by PbNation staff, members and sponsors. The Skydeck is a two story motor coach with a patio deck for 15 on the top floor.

On the inside in the front is a stairwell to the top deck (only interior stairwell on a motor coach).

In the midsection will be another sofa and Pullman bunk with a dropdown TV. (This is a custom add so no pictures). In the rear is a bedroom that will be replaced with a lounge with two sofas, big screen TV and audio system and other goodies.

View down hallway…

The Process
In the next few weeks Doug, Leonard and the very creative staff at Sagon RV will be ripping stuff out of the unit and adding the custom components to make it very unique and very special. They need to know ASAP about what to put into the coach. This is your chance to participate by adding suggestions and letting us and Sagon know what you think should be added to the motor coach. Get on it and let us know what you would like to see happen.

We are all excited about the possibilities and the finished product. We will be taking pictures and videos as the project progresses.

Thanks for the help and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

The Team at PbNation

Friday, December 28, 2007

HATER Releases Marq and Protege Boards

Yup, another upgraded board for your Marq or Protege. Can it shoot at 13.33 bps?

If you are interested -

2008 Series of Limited Edition MURDER INC. Markers

Nice Nice Nice!

We are pleased to announce our new 2008 series of Limited Edition MURDER INC. markers. Inspired by MURDER INC and Perfected by Kevin at True Laser Designs these guns are sure to get attention where ever you go, without breaking the bank. Each gun is numbered and no more than 100 of each will be made. Making them truly LIMITED and assuring excellent resale value.

The new line includes:
The MURDER INC. Limited Edition Mini $399.00
The MURDER INC. Limited Edition Protege" $599.00
The MURDER INC Limited Edition PMR $349.00
The MURDER INC Limited Edition SLG $299.00

More colors, guns and designs will be coming in the next few months.
For more information or TO ORDER please visit www.murderincpaintball.comor call 386-931-8330

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2008 PSP ROF 13.33...

Why 13.33 and not 13 or 14? I like the idea of less paint which I expect will mean bigger moves and more movement from the players. Shit, let's just go back to pump ;)

I said that I would announce what we are doing here this week. I thought that I would have a final answer. I don’t.

There will be a reduction in legal fire rates beginning in 2008.

If you do not have a board that is able to adjust below 15bps, you will need to get access to another board, or have your board reprogrammed to allow you to operate your gun at a lower rate.

PSP has made a decision as to what we think is best. We are withholding a final decision while waiting for additional discussion with industry and outside industry groups who weigh heavily on this decision.

The moment that I have a final number, I will post it here.

I would recommend that people start to do what is necessary for their guns to operate at around 13.33 bps. I would also recommend that teams start to practice at this rate.

That’s what I have to say for now. I may have a definitive or specific answer as early as the first week of January. As soon as a specific number is decided, there will be a press release as well as a post on PbNation reflecting this decision.

2008 Dangerous Power Fusion

Here are some specs on the 08 Fusion...

Weighs 1.89 lbs.
Length-19 inches and only 7 inches tall
200 psi operating pressure
Same great efficiency as the fusion
No more LPR
Comes with RAPS on/off
Lower profile, patented xtreme grip feedneck
Redesigned bolt
Redesigned HPR
Redesigned solenoid for reliability and adjustability

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Custom Products 2008 Clamping Feednecks

Here are some new 2008 CP Clamping Feednecks. I like the look and the idea of being able to see your paintballs flying into your gun. My concern would be breaking paint someone shooting your feedneck and breaking paint thus causing a jam that never should have happened.

The 2008 Millennium European Paintball Series Schedule

It looks like Germany & London are still being sorted out but for all you jet setters out there - here's the 2008 Millennium Schedule.

Custom Products 2008 DYE Shorty Reg

The 2008 CP Dye Shorty Reg has been released and I'm sure it's going to be popular. More than half the Shocker owners have "upgraded" to a CP regulator. Will Dye owners find the same benefits or just want to use them as a way to replace the rubber grip...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

WDP Barrel Wallet

If I had an A1 I would probably buy this. My only question is; aren't there more barrel inserts if you purchase the kit? I guess you could buy two... Wait, that was WDP's plan all along.

2008 Hybrid Jersey's

At first look the 2008 Hybrid jersey's are really nice. Then I see the thumb insert on the sleeve and it reminds me of a teenage girls hoodie sweatshirt. I can't really pass judgement on a small picture when I use the word hoodie...

Rumors Rumors Rumors 12.12.07

- Jax Warriors fold, most of their players to Static.
- Tampa Bay Damage gets NXL spot.
- Russians to hold an invite only tryout this weekend. There are about 20 first string players on the list, details to come later.
- Word is Lucian Blackburn is a done deal.
- Bryan Smith will be playing for eather Philly or Ironmen.
- Jason Edwards to Philly.
- Dirty Dave and Chris Bell retire, well miss you.
- Kevin Rhodes and Bryce Rhodes back to Ultimate.
- I’m not sure that Trauma is 100% done but I am sure they are losing some ringers, more details to follow.
- Avalanche players previously rumored to be leaving are all sticking around.
- Greg Paulie to coach Aftermath I hear.
- No response yet from Tony M. yet on the roster rules but the majority of NXL coaches are talking about it being true.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Close enough to attend without making special plans and on the beach! I went two years ago and enjoyed myself... This time I must keep my wallet in my pocket!

The National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) is kicking off the first event of the 2008 Super 7 World Series of Paintball in Huntington Beach, California. The 220 top paintball teams from around the world will be competing March 28th - 30th on six fields set up on the beach just south of the famous Pier Plaza and over 80,000 spectators are expected to attend.

Paintball is a game based on the traditional format of Capture the Flag. The exciting Super 7 format matches two seven-man teams against each other on a field about the size of a tennis court with a number of inflated shapes that offer some cover to the players. Each game lasts a maximum of 7 minutes and whichever team eliminates the other and captures the opposing teams flag wins the entire match. The action is fast and furious.

March 28, 29 and 30, 2008

Huntington Beach, South of Pier Plaza

7:30 am to 8pm Friday Saturday
8:00 am 5:00 pm Sunday

Admission is free. Over fifty thousand spectators are expected to be watching the exciting finals on Sunday afternoon where the top team will take home at least $25,000. Estimates for the three day event range from 80,000 to 100,000 people.

* The Trade Expo Trade Show opens daily 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
* More than 60 of the world’s biggest and best vendors and sponsors.
* See all the new top of the line gear
* Great deals direct to public
* Talk to the manufactures directly

The Paintball:
* Divisional Paintball Play Friday and Saturday on Six Fields.
* Pro players will be signing Autographs on Friday.
* Saturday afternoon watch the top 18 pro teams compete against each other.
* Sunday - finals day - 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Center Court
* Fun for the entire family. Paintball on the Beach. Spectators can walk to HB downtown shops and restaurants.
* Grandstand seats can be reserved by purchasing tickets onsite.
* TV Celebrities making appearances on site throughout the weekend

SPPL Divisional Play & National Rankings in 2008


SPPL Introduces Divisional Play, National Rankings for 2008 Season

The SPPL woodsball tournament league has always put players first. In 2008, to make the league even more fun for new players while offering veterans the challenge they crave, the SPPL introduces DIVISIONAL PLAY!

This change is a natural step in the growth of the premier woodsball tournament league and a direct response to requests from the players.

“Now, even beginning players who’ve never done anything but rec-ball can sign up in the Rookie Division and have the chance to become champions in their own right,” says league President Jayson Nielson. “We’ve always been a player-friendly league. The players asked for divisional play, and we came up with a system that will work for woodsball players of every level.”

SPPL teams will fall into one of three classifications: Elite, Masters & Rookie.

SPPL Elite Player—Any player who has been rostered as an Elite Player in more than one SPPL Major Event/Qualifier or was rostered on a 7-player NPPL Pro or Semi-Pro team or NXL Professional team or PSP X-Ball Open Class team within the previous 5 years or any player who has placed in the top two at any SPPL Major Event /Qualifier would be classified Elite.

SPPL Masters Player — Any player who has competed in more than one SPPL Major Event/Qualifier in a previous season.

SPPL Rookie Player— Any player who has not played in more than one SPPL Major Event/Qualifier in the prior season, and has no major National Tournament (PSP, NXL or NPPL) experience at any level.

A Rookie SPPL team may have 2 Masters players on their roster. A Masters SPPL team is permitted to have 2 Elite players on their roster. To enforce division classifications, the SPPL will issue a photo player ID card, like those used in the NPPL and PSP tournament leagues, to every competitor.

The introduction of divisional play is just one of many refinements to the scenario tournament league this season. The SPPL will also implement a National Rankings structure based on each team’s performance at SPPL Major Qualifier Events and the Grand Championship. Teams will earn points based on their ranking at each event and will have the opportunity to earn additional points by organizing authorized SPPL Feeder Tournaments at their home fields.

The league has also introduced a handful of rules changes, a new pricing structure and tons of new prizes at the Elite and Masters levels. “For about the same price as a day of rec-ball,” Nielson says, “players can enjoy a first-class tournament experience, with the chance to win trophies or prizes and earn a spot in the national rankings.”

Nielson urges players to get their ID cards now and start gearing up for the 2008 season, which starts with the Southeast Qualifier at Low Country Paintball on March 15 – 16.

For more information, contact Jayson Nielson at or 801.209.5140 or sign on to

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Naughty Dogs Fetch Tyler Harmon

It's been a few days... Rocky Knuth has announced that the Naughty Dogs will be playing with Tyler Harmon for the 2008 season. Yes, he is a full time Dog playing both PSP and NPPL with them. I am happy for them, being a ND fan back when they were WGP at heart I can't help but still pull for them. Hopefully this will help them reach the top podium in 2008!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

PSP Paint Rule Change

Let's limited the ROF so less paint is used in the tournament. Then limit the sellers of paint to the companies that shell out the sponsorship money. If this continues all teams will have to shoot Dye Matrix Guns & Paint because they will get some exclusive deal....

Paintball Sports Promotions is gearing up for the 2008 season. Our schedule includes a return to some tried and true locations as well as a few new ones. With the most popular formats, the best referee corp in the world, and the most comprehensive ID and classification system available, we’re looking forward to another successful year.

For the 2008 season, paint may be purchased onsite at each event from one of the PSP sponsors. Numerous companies will be offering a wide selection of the most technologically advanced paint available on the market today. Featuring tournament grade fills, consistent accuracy, and proven performance, you’re sure to find top quality paint at competitive prices.

While teams may still bring their own paint to the event, only sponsor-brand paint will be allowed. Red and pink fill will also be unacceptable.

Staining paint will not be allowed. PSP and our paint sponsors are working together on a formula that will continue to provide high quality tournament level paint without the staining quality.

For more information on rules concerning paint and equipment as well as updates on the 2008 season, stay tuned to We look forward to seeing everyone in 08.

NXe 2008 Clothing Line

Just in time for the Holiday season NXe has some new threads. Nice designs, hopefully that doesn't equal a high price.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

New EPS JT Vlocity Shells

JT's new Vlocity shells rock new designs and might even make you a better player... Ha!

Rock team colors with Viewloader's newest shell kits. The kits are designed with the patterns of popular teams such as San Diego Dynasty and Miami Rage, along with other great looks like our new bandana shell. Each team style has its own unique color. These items are custom and will be collectables as we introduce new artwork and styles.

Planet Eclipse Signs Brasil's Papeletto

Planet Eclipse grabs another international sponsorship in Brasil. Congrats Papeletto and good luck with the EGO8!

Planet Eclipse and Brasil's Most Wanted Paintball are thrilled to announce the signing of Team Papeletto as the latest addition to the growing list of Planet Eclipse officially sponsored teams.

With more than seven years of experience in the tournament scene and several national and South-American titles under their belt, Papeletto is enjoying a spectacular 2007 season and is currently ranked 1st in the Open division of the Brazilian Paintball Circuit,

Team Papeletto will be shooting exclusively Planet Eclipse Ego markers in the last event of the circuit as well as throughout the 2008 season. The team will also be sporting Eclipse's 08 playing gear and accessories both on and off the field.

Look out for them! Ego Armys gonna be there! "

JOY Division & SLY

The custom leopard print barrel looks great! SLY has always made a solid product that looks great.

JOY Division signs with SLY Equipment for Dual-Carbon barrels.

ANAHEIM, CA (December 7th, 2007) - SLY LLC (D.B.A. SLY Equipment), is proud to announce the sponsorship of the international legendary team, Stockholm Joy Division. The Swedish team will be shooting the limited-edition SLY Dual-Carbon JOY barrels for the 2008 season while competing in the multi-national Millennium Series.

Joy Division's signature barrel will feature the team's famed leopard print pattern with a gradient fade to black and adorned with the Dual-Carbon symbol and Joy Division Logo.

Tyson Evenson, marketing director of SLY, has expressed his thoughts on the newly acquired team. "I would like to congratulate the team on recently winning the 2007 Millennium Series Championship; the team's relentless determination has ultimately paid off. We at SLY Equipment have been following the progression of Joy Division for many years now and warmly welcome them to the SLY family. Joy's enthusiasm and charisma make them ideal ambassadors for the expansion of paintball in the extreme sport industry on an international platform."

SLY has recently opened a distribution center in Arras, France to sufficiently serve the growing needs of the European market; SLY's Europe offers centralized location that is vital for properly offering the utmost in customer service to all dealers. Please see our European location at (Sly Europe - Fabricant Paintball, Canons Carbone, vétements, paintball,)

Marking it's two year anniversary with the signing of Joy Division, this announcement amounts to yet another large success for SLY Equipment. Entering the paintball market only two years ago with the release of the SLY PRO barrel, SLY remains as the only carbon fiber barrel with a tapered bore and Dual-Carbon technology. SLY's concepts have been pushing the paintball industry forward with innovative advancements using carbon fiber products. SLY is also said to be releasing a complete line of products later this year.

To learn more about SLY Equipment please visit us on the internet at coordinate interviews or questions about this press release please contact SLY Equipment at or by calling (949) 200-7348. Thank you for choosing SLY.

PSP Format Update for the 2008 Season

Shorter games & harder to come back from a few down.... Closer to the NPPL format & ultimately cheap to play (less paint will be shot). I still want to see more scenario on TV!

After our most successful season yet, PSP is excited to be moving forward toward an even better 2008 Season.

As always, we are raising the bar for tournament paintball and feel the following format changes will continue to make XBall more accessible to everyone. These changes will help lighten the load on teams with limited sponsorship allowing them to continue playing the best format in competitive paintball.

Division 1 XBall
Division 1 matches will consist of a race to 7 points run on a 15 minute clock. Teams will switch sides after every fourth game point scored. Rosters will be capped at a total of 17 people with a maximum of 12 players allowed. A limit of 2 professional players will be permitted on the roster.

Division 2 XBall
Division 2 matches will consist of a race to 7 points run on a 12 minute clock. Teams will switch sides after every fourth game point scored. Rosters will be capped at 17 people with a maximum of 12 players allowed. A limit of 2 D1 players will be permitted on the roster. No professional players will be allowed.

Division 3 XBall
Division 3 matches will consist of a race to 5 points run on a 12 minute clock. Teams will switch sides after every third game point scored. Rosters will be capped at 17 people with a maximum of 12 players allowed. A limit of 2 D2 players will be permitted on the roster. No D1 or professional players will be allowed.

Smart Parts Ion Price Cut - $164.95

A few years ago an electric gun would set you back $1000. Now less than $175 for great beginner gun! Great for those of us who can't afford the Ego's & DM's but now all the kids are spraying paint without any reason....

Xtremez is now offering the Smart Parts Ion for only $164.95, the lowest price on the web so far. If you’ve been on the moon the last few years, the Smart Parts Ion has been praised as one of the best low-end paintball guns on the market today. Its functionality and performance can be compared to the Tippmann 98 Custom.

Deals like these should be sprouting up all over the web these next few days for the holidays. Xtremez (and most other online paintball stores) is also offering guaranteed delivery by Christmas as long as your order is placed before the 14th to the 20th (depending on where you live). Keep in mind this 45% off the MSRP and wouldn’t be a bad gift to get for your family or friends (or yourself )

Badlands Gets WDP & Angel

They didn't buy them but they do get exclusive rights and it's all because of the man!

Since acquiring their new Senior Sales and Marketing Manager - Owen Ronayne (previously of Angel) - Badlands Paintball in Toronto have wasted no time in also securing exclusive distribution rights with Angel Paintball Sports for Canada, this deal being inked just 2 weeks after Owen's move to the frozen north.

Bart Walkerdine of Angel Paintball Sports announced:
"Badlands has been a successful distributor and warranty centre for Angels for many years. This was a natural step and one we are very happy with. With Owen on-board, Badlands has an Angel specialist that will provide Canadian customers with a level of expertise they have not previously enjoyed. This makes total sense."

Owen Ronayne said of this new deal
"It was one of my personal goals to retain an active role in supplying and servicing Angel users. I don't want my experience to go to waste and I obviously love the product. This Exclusive is great news for Badlands and for Canadian paintballers in general. There is no better Angel resource in the country. Badlands is going places, and I expect more exclusives to be announced in the near future."

Badlands carry a full line of Angel A1 markers and is now taking orders from stores nationwide.

Virtue: Proto SLG Board

Boards Boards Boards.... How can we make them faster? How can we make them more colorful? What I have a low battery?

* Faster microprocessor
* 2 Brighter multicolor LED’s
* 7 adjustable firing modes
* Fully adjustable Max Rate of Fire -15 BPS Ready
* Advanced Virtue Eye & Trigger Logic
* Adjustable debounce & mechanical bounce
* Adjustable dwell, eye sensitivity, anti-bolt stick & more
* Adjustable Ramp Activation Speed and Ramp Percentage
* Low battery indicator and power efficient software

Warped Sportz Vertical Regulator Adapter for 08′ DYE / Proto

Warped Sportz Vertical Regulator Adapter for 08′ DYE / Proto isn't the first accessory for the the Dye & Proto lineup but one of many more good things to come!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

NPPL San Diego Cup - Dynasty wins!

Dynasty takes down Avalanch in 3 games to win both the series championship and the Commanders Cup. NE Hurricanes beat Impact, taking 3rd place and denying Impact the series championship. Impact, the semi-pro team that moved up at the start of the season was on the verge of dethroning Dynasty as the reigning NPPL champions of the last 4 years if only Impact had taken better than 4th place.

1st Professional - San Diego Dynasty + Series Champs
1st Semi-Pro - A-Team
1st DI - Dynasty Entourage
1st DII - Arsenal Kidz
1st DIII - Rockstar Factory Red

As for Kansas City - Ironmen win 1 on 1s

Sunday, December 2, 2007

2008 NXe JRNY

The video is up and pictures are everywhere. The NXe JRNY is official! I am hearing a price point of approx. $120 and a February 2008 release date. It looks a lot like other loaders from the outside but there's plenty of new in the JRNY. I will post the official tech specs when they become available.