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SPPL Divisional Play & National Rankings in 2008


SPPL Introduces Divisional Play, National Rankings for 2008 Season

The SPPL woodsball tournament league has always put players first. In 2008, to make the league even more fun for new players while offering veterans the challenge they crave, the SPPL introduces DIVISIONAL PLAY!

This change is a natural step in the growth of the premier woodsball tournament league and a direct response to requests from the players.

“Now, even beginning players who’ve never done anything but rec-ball can sign up in the Rookie Division and have the chance to become champions in their own right,” says league President Jayson Nielson. “We’ve always been a player-friendly league. The players asked for divisional play, and we came up with a system that will work for woodsball players of every level.”

SPPL teams will fall into one of three classifications: Elite, Masters & Rookie.

SPPL Elite Player—Any player who has been rostered as an Elite Player in more than one SPPL Major Event/Qualifier or was rostered on a 7-player NPPL Pro or Semi-Pro team or NXL Professional team or PSP X-Ball Open Class team within the previous 5 years or any player who has placed in the top two at any SPPL Major Event /Qualifier would be classified Elite.

SPPL Masters Player — Any player who has competed in more than one SPPL Major Event/Qualifier in a previous season.

SPPL Rookie Player— Any player who has not played in more than one SPPL Major Event/Qualifier in the prior season, and has no major National Tournament (PSP, NXL or NPPL) experience at any level.

A Rookie SPPL team may have 2 Masters players on their roster. A Masters SPPL team is permitted to have 2 Elite players on their roster. To enforce division classifications, the SPPL will issue a photo player ID card, like those used in the NPPL and PSP tournament leagues, to every competitor.

The introduction of divisional play is just one of many refinements to the scenario tournament league this season. The SPPL will also implement a National Rankings structure based on each team’s performance at SPPL Major Qualifier Events and the Grand Championship. Teams will earn points based on their ranking at each event and will have the opportunity to earn additional points by organizing authorized SPPL Feeder Tournaments at their home fields.

The league has also introduced a handful of rules changes, a new pricing structure and tons of new prizes at the Elite and Masters levels. “For about the same price as a day of rec-ball,” Nielson says, “players can enjoy a first-class tournament experience, with the chance to win trophies or prizes and earn a spot in the national rankings.”

Nielson urges players to get their ID cards now and start gearing up for the 2008 season, which starts with the Southeast Qualifier at Low Country Paintball on March 15 – 16.

For more information, contact Jayson Nielson at or 801.209.5140 or sign on to

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