Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rumors Rumors Rumors 12.30.07

- Trauma is deffently done and the only Trauma player at the Russian tryouts was Lucian.

- Alex Fraige, Travis Lemanski, Bart Y., Rich Telford and Jeff Stein were elected to the NPPL pro steering committee.

- No more Strange, NEH, NJA murger. Strange is done, NJA will remain playing S7 only. Matt and Bart stay with both the Russians for Xball and NJA for S7. alex to retire

- If Bushwackers do infact play NXL it will be because the Shows Bro’s are given a spot on the team because Gary owns the spot.

- XSV loses Eclipse sporsorship but keeps Draxxus.

- Timmy Propst, Bryan Smith, and Mike Carthy sign on with Damage.

- Brandon Short offered 40k a year to play with Russians but Dye matched the offer to stay with Ironmen. Short will wear the sheild again in 08.

- JRab and Lucian are the newest American Russians, there are a few others still in the tryout process. I hear they are looking to pick up atleast 1 more.

- Looks like even more changes on the NXL horison, the most current rule change debate is regarding changing the format to a race to 7 points.

- The Tiljack to Ironmen rumor has been overturned. He was offered a spot but will remain with Avalanche in 08.

- I have heard the Ironmen offered Gerald Garcia a spot on the team and have a short list of players for a closed tryout coming up soon. More on this later.

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