Saturday, January 26, 2008

WGP New Website

I feel like it's been almost 2 years since WGP's website has shown any significant change. Well now it's all new, redesigned for the corporation WGP has become. I wish the forum was back in action....

2008 Empire New Era Hats

I love hats!

New 2008 Sly Gear

For all crooks looking for a hoodie with a built in mask check this out. You can even smoke while hiding your identity. Seems like Sly's marketing team needs to put a different spin on this product. All I can think of is using the hoodie as a bowling ball bag...

PSP Format Update 20 for the 2008 Season

Well it might not be the 20th update but it seems that more changes have been implemented.

Division 1 XBall

Division 1 matches will consist of a race to 7 points run on a 15 minute clock. Teams will switch sides after every fourth game point scored. Rosters will be capped at a total of 17 people with a maximum of 12 players allowed. A limit of 2 professional players will be permitted on the roster.

Division 2 XBall

Division 2 matches will consist of a race to 7 points run on a 15 minute clock. Teams will switch sides after every fourth game point scored. Rosters will be capped at 17 people with a maximum of 12 players allowed. A limit of 2 D1 players will be permitted on the roster. No professional players will be allowed.

Division 3 XBall

Division 3 matches will consist of a race to 5 points run on a 15 minute clock. Teams will switch sides after every third game point scored. Rosters will be capped at 17 people with a maximum of 12 players allowed. A limit of 2 D2 players will be permitted on the roster. No D1 or professional players will be allowed.

Overtime Play changes for Divisional XBall

The following overtime format will be used for all Divisional XBall; this includes Divisions 1, 2, and 3. This does not affect 5-man XBall.

For 2008, the sudden death overtime period has been increased to 5 minutes instead of 3 minutes, as in 2007. The 90 Second rule will still be in effect during this 5 minute sudden death, meaning that a MAJOR penalty received by a player in the last 90 seconds of this overtime period, will cause immediate stoppage of play and the winning point to be awarded to the opposing team.

If the 5 minutes of sudden death play passes without a winner, the teams will then proceed to the 60 second 1-on-1 matchups that have been used in the past in Divisions 2 and 3.

As in the past, a win will still equal 2 points, a loss will be 0 points, and a loss in overtime will equal 1 point.

For more information about the PSP 2008 Season, please visit Check back soon for the complete 2008 Rules.

~Keely Watson
Paintball Sports Promotions

2008 WDP New “Magno” Internals for Angel 1

The upgraded internals for the Angel 1 have been discussed and a big topic of conversation on many boards since the middle of last year. WDP has finally put a name, date, and price on them - MAGNO, FEBRUARY, & $129.99.

I am sure as few of you are aware, FMA and WDP were just recently down at JT USA providing a A1 tech course. At this course we were able to release and show the new upgraded internals for the A1. The new internals are amazing and have made the KISS technology and air usage of the A1 better and hard to believe even smoother. We have been testing the internals for some time now and very happy with the results. We are hoping to post some photos today and as soon as we have a target date (very soon BTW) and pricing you will see it here first. We would also like to take this time to thanks all of the participants at the class for their great work and support and to JT for treating us very well.

We have been testing settings, between the following:

Minireg 150-200psi
LPR 40-55psi
Dwell 4-6.5

We have been very happy with:


As of today, the new Magno will not be available until late February. Total cost with ram will be $129.99. As promised all pre-orders with FMA will receive a discount and any customer who purchased their A1 from us will receive a substantial discount on the kit. When available we will also install with new Angel 1’s purchased from FMA.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2008 Infinity Legend Fade

Check out the fade...

NXe: Jrny Loader Released

The 2008 NXe Jrny loader has been officially released to the public. It's a sweet looking loader that plenty of people have been drooling over. Anyone out there have any first hand experience playing with it yet?

* Systematically Engineered, Form-factor design, provides slimline playing profile, while providing perfect equilibrium of balance.
* Battery compartment located directly above feedneck to ensure superior distribution of weight
* Mega-lite drive design allows for the use of high-quality materials throughout
* Minimized hopper exposure.
* Sleek, aerodynamic body.
* Advanced Power Management System
* Unparalleled battery life allows 20,000+ balls to be fed on 4 AA batteries.
* Use 4 AA batteries for maximum battery life, or 2 Lithium Ion batteries for reduced weight.
* Low battery indicator.
* Highly Advanced, Innovative Software and Electronics with Patent Pending J5 Technology.
* Automatic adjustment to optimum feed rate
* Automatic detection and clearing of jams
* Unrivaled Ultra-Modern Design

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SPPL - Low Country Paintball to Host 2008 World Championship

Good for Low Country! I can't really comment on the field, never been, but everything I have read about it makes me want to visit.

The SPPL (Scenario Paintball Player's League) will hold its 2008 World Championship Finals at Low Country Paintball in Ludowici, Georgia, on October 11-12, 2008.

The site of the 2007 and 2008 SPPL Southeast Qualifiers, the field provides superior terrain, with tall pines, thick woods, and tons of natural and man-made bunkers, plus exemplary customer service from "The Famous" Billy Smith and his staff.

"There are so many great paintball fields in the country, it wasn't easy to select just one as the host of the 2008 SPPL World Championship," said SPPL president Jayson Nielson. "But the terrain, southern hospitality, and the climate in that part of the country in the fall all contributed to our decision. Based on our past experiences at Low Country, we know we made the right choice."

The SPPL enters 2008 with a new structure and national ranking system. A total of six first place prize packages will be awarded at the World Championship event. Winners of the Finals in the Rookie, Masters and Elite Divisions will be named Championship Winners, with accompanying prize packages. Prizes will be awarded for second through fourth place finishes, as well.

Additionally, those who place in the top slot in each division based on their points in the National Rankings will be recognized at the event. The first place winners for the 2008 SPPL Series will receive their awards for the season, as they are crowned SPPL World Series Champions. Players ranked second through fourth will also receive series prize packages or, in the Rookie division, trophies.

The 2008 World Championship Finals is open to any team that wants to compete. Teams need not place in the top five in a Qualifier to attend, although a team's top score at a Qualifier will be used to seed the team at the Championship Finals. A team's two top Qualifier scores, plus their Championship Finals points, plus any affiliate, reffing and sportsmanship points, will be added up to determine the team's national ranking at the end of 2008.

"In 2008, the SPPL has stepped up to become a tournament series rather than stand-alone, qualifying events," Nielson explained. "This new structure, organized the same as the PSP and NPPL pro tournament leagues, will encourage participation in the SPPL and earn nationally-ranked teams even more attention from the media and from potential sponsors."

For more information about the 2008 SPPL scenario tournament series, contact SPPL President Jayson Nielson at 801.209.5140 or e-mail

Paintball Prices On The Rise

I find it interesting that paintball companies feel the need to have a press release stating that that their prices are going up. What if Exxon or Shell did this every time gas prices increased or if your local grocery store sent out flyers with warnings about food that cost more than last week. The prices on consumer goods are on the rise and have been for some time, that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. If you need a new product buy it but if what you have isn't more than a year or two old and is in perfect working order then hold off another year. You don't have to have the latest and greatest all the time. Believe me, I understand wanting to have the newest, fastest, coolest, etc. but I bet 99% of you will survive with what you have. In the end just remember you're way better off than most!

So much for my lame attempt to sound smart....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Kingman & Tadao Sleeping Together...

Is this Kingman's step into the highend gun market? Spyder TV has a Teaser video of the new RS & RSX HERE. Watching the paintballs rattle around in the hopper at the end of the video made me want to go play bingo or have a try at the lottery....

Spyder presents the all new RS, and RSX. Operational at 300 PSI the RS runs at a low working pressure reducing premature paintball breaks from air impacting the surface of the paintball. "SE Technology" or Synergy Engineered Technology products can run either CO2 or Compressed Air. Manipulation of the air pressure through the Fast Charge Inline Regulator provides the RS with a steady air flow for consistent shot to shot velocity even at extremely high rates of fire. The Spyder RSX comes with all the standard RS features including a Tadao Technologies Circuit Board, and Platinum body kit.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Smart Parts All American Tip w/ APEX barrel Tip

No spin to put on this one.... Ha!

Here is the barrel with a Freak Back, Apex All American Tip, and Apex

Here is the Barrel seperated

Here is the whole barrel again from another angle

We have had many requests from APEX barrel owners to make a front to fit a freak system that would allow an Apex Barrel Tip to be added. Many APEX owners wanted the versatility of using the inserts. So.. Here it is and available through your local store! They started shipping yesterday! I apologize for the picture quality. We quickly shot these with a digital camera earlier today.


I have a soft spot for anything Autococker.... I just don't feel the SR is going to make it any further on the tournament level.

BLUE'S CREW, the Warrior Team for JT SPORTS and EMR PAINTBALL PARK will be premiering the new Autococker SR at the Penguins and Polar Bears game at TOP GUN PAINTBALL in New Jersey on January 13th. The SR is the latest in technology from the WGP division of JT SPORTS and is extremely light and extremely fast. After testing the SRs extensively, the CREW is very excited to be the first Rec. Ball team in the US to be sporting these new greased lightning markers and looking forward to putting them to the field.

Their lightness makes this marker perfect for the Rec. Ball Player and especially for the Big game and Scenario Game Players as you can carry the SR all day long without getting tired. Rate of Fire is up to 25 balls per second and the trigger is super fast, so putting paint on your target in an extremely fast way or shooting your way through a hot spot is no problem plus you have the legendary accuracy and distance of the Autococker. The light trigger and slant forward design makes perfect sense for the two finger shooter and is a real joy to shoot, putting a fast stream of paintballs into a target like darts.

Check out the SR from WGP after January 15th at to see this high performance marker in true paintball action by the CREW. For more details, go to and see their whole new line of products complimenting this outstanding marker. You too can come run with the CREW or oppose us for In Your Face Paintball Action, just check out our schedule at or come see us at EMR.

Bob Long signs the Legion

Bob Long has signed Russian Legion for the 2008 season. Has anyone else pictured Bob wearing a Ushanka (fur hat) sporting the new RL Marq.

Brass Eagle "The Ambush"

With everything it has to offer the gun might just become the best worst selling marker of all time. Low price point, C02, vertical load hopper, shoots as fast as you can pump, I could go on. With the SP Vibe and WGP Synergy are these really worth producing? Who would really walk onto a field and expect to be able to compete?

PSP Officially Changes ROF

So it's official....

Paintball Sports Promotions has updated the rules concerning markers and rate of fire for the 2008 Season. Beginning today, the rules will be as follows:

7.3.6. A marker may fire at a maximum rate of 13.33 balls per second. A player on the field of play during a game whose marker shoots more than one paintball within 65 milliseconds will receive a gross penalty. A player on the field of play during a game whose marker shoots more than one paintball within 70 milliseconds will be assessed a major penalty. A player on the field of play during a game whose marker shoots more than one paintball within 75 milliseconds* will be assessed a minor penalty.

* A measurement of 75.0 milliseconds or higher is acceptable. A measurement of 74.9 milliseconds or lower will be penalized.

We will be updating our rule book on the PSP website shortly. For more information about PSP rules and the upcoming season please visit

Tuesday, January 1, 2008