Sunday, January 13, 2008


I have a soft spot for anything Autococker.... I just don't feel the SR is going to make it any further on the tournament level.

BLUE'S CREW, the Warrior Team for JT SPORTS and EMR PAINTBALL PARK will be premiering the new Autococker SR at the Penguins and Polar Bears game at TOP GUN PAINTBALL in New Jersey on January 13th. The SR is the latest in technology from the WGP division of JT SPORTS and is extremely light and extremely fast. After testing the SRs extensively, the CREW is very excited to be the first Rec. Ball team in the US to be sporting these new greased lightning markers and looking forward to putting them to the field.

Their lightness makes this marker perfect for the Rec. Ball Player and especially for the Big game and Scenario Game Players as you can carry the SR all day long without getting tired. Rate of Fire is up to 25 balls per second and the trigger is super fast, so putting paint on your target in an extremely fast way or shooting your way through a hot spot is no problem plus you have the legendary accuracy and distance of the Autococker. The light trigger and slant forward design makes perfect sense for the two finger shooter and is a real joy to shoot, putting a fast stream of paintballs into a target like darts.

Check out the SR from WGP after January 15th at to see this high performance marker in true paintball action by the CREW. For more details, go to and see their whole new line of products complimenting this outstanding marker. You too can come run with the CREW or oppose us for In Your Face Paintball Action, just check out our schedule at or come see us at EMR.

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