Friday, November 30, 2007

NXe JRNY Loader

Here are the first few pictures of the NXE JRNY showing up on the web. Nothing more has been posted about it and as you can tell from the picture there seems to be a video on YouTube. I can't find it but please let me know if you do!

Adjusted PSP 2008 Schedule

The first round of scheduling need to be adjusted. Here's the second pass. I am taking bets that this will reach version 5 before March!

In our ongoing endeavor to bring you the most prestigious and successful events, Paintball Sports Promotions released our 2008 schedule earlier than ever before. In doing so, we hoped to generate talk about the schedule and have done just that. You spoke and we listened. Many of our teams and players voiced concerns over potential scheduling conflicts for several of our events. After reviewing the feedback concerning the schedule we have decided to make the following adjustments for next season.

2008 Schedule
Event #1
Dates: March 6th-9th
Location: TBD - Phoenix, AZ or Southern California

Mid-Atlantic Open
Dates: May 8th-11th
Location: PBC Sports Park, Rock Hill, SC

Chicago Open
Dates: June 25th-29th
Location: Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Center, Bolingbrook, IL

Northeast Open
Dates: August 14th-17th
Location: All American Paintball Park, Greensburg, PA

World Cup
Dates: October 20th-26th
Location: Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex, Orlando, FL

Please note that the dates listed for each event represent the dates of actual play. Onsite team registration will begin one day prior.

Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max'd Compatible With 360

Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max'd now compatible with your 360! A software emulator is required for each original Xbox game you play on your Xbox 360™ console but now you can dust off GH just in time for the Commanders Cup!

Original Xbox Games Playable on Xbox 360
Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max'd

Thursday, November 29, 2007

NPPL Super 7 - San Diego 2007

Here are some basic links to the NPPL Tournament taking place this weekend in San Diego!

NPPL San Diego Links
NPPL Super 7 - San Diego 2007 - Scoreboard
NPPL Super 7 - San Diego 2007 - Schedule of Games
NPPL Super 7 - San Diego 2007 - Watch It LIVE
NPPL Super 7 - San Diego 2007 - Breaking News

2008 Bob Long Vice

NICE! Here a picture of the 2008 Bob Long Vice. I don't mind the milling and the barrel looks nice and short. What do you think?

JRNY Press Conference at NPPL San Diego - Friday 12:45 PM

The NXe JRNY is going to be released tomorrow!! As soon as I can find the video on YouTube I will post it here!!

RNY Press Conference at NPPL San Diego
Friday 12:45 PM

We would like to thank all of you for your interest and excitement regarding the JRNY. We will officially release it on Friday, November 30th. We will hold a press conference on it at the booth at approximately 12:30-12:45 (about 10 minutes after the conclusion of the Impact vs. Ironmen one on one). For those of you who cannot make it to San Diego, the NPPL will film the press conference in its entirety and show it throughout the weekend on their web cast at We will also upload a demo video to our YouTube channel,. Be sure to subscribe to be notified as soon as the video is up. We want all of you to be part of this very special event, and witness first hand the birth of the JRNY and its patent pending J5 technology platform.

TechT Releases Hair Trigger Pin Kit for Tippman A5 & X7

There seems to be a lot of questions about how this upgrade will function but I think it's a great idea. Head over to PbNation for more information...

The Hair Pin Trigger Kit is designed to make any electronic, manual, or responsed Tippmann A5 or X7's trigger faster and more sensitive than ever before. The kit comes complete with 5 different pin sizes which will allow you to fine tune your trigger and sear positions for maximum performance.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2008 ETEK 2

The 2008 ETEK 2 is going to be previewed at the NPPL Commanders Cup. Here are the details!

Available from Eclipse Dealers and Distributors from December ‘07
This is exactly what you get with the new Etek2. You still get all the great benefits of the original Etek but combined with a whole host of advancements passed down from its big brother, the Ego8 range. For example: both the LPR and HPR regulator sport the exact same internals as both the Ego8 and SL74. New lightweight hard anodized aluminium pistons, durable captured regulator seal and coil spring construction give the regulators high flow rates, improved shot-to-shot consistency and quicker recovery times. But not only have these changes improved the performance of the Etek2, but they also reduce the weight of each part as well as make maintenance a far simpler task. No more Bellville shim stacks to drop, count and arrange each time you lube and re-build your reg.

Then there is the new OOPS (On/Off/Purge) system with the integrated T-Rail mounting. The T-Rail offers the sturdiest possible connection between the OOPS and frame, yet still allows the positioning of the tank with over 1” of lateral adjustment. The new OOPS internals offer effortless operation, even under pressure from the air tank, yet durability has been improved and can be serviced without the need of tools.

The area of the Etek2 that has seen one of the most radical changes is the frame assembly. Inside the frame, under the grips, the circuit board has been re-orientated to allow quick and easy removal, again without the use of tools. In addition to this the design has become more modular allowing, for example, the plug-n-play installation of different weights of micro-switch that will allow the player to tune the trigger feel to their personal preference. And to save any kind of confusion there is no way to accidentally plug the wrong device into the wrong socket on the board. Each socket and plug has a unique pin number that makes incorrect connection impossible.

Running down the rear you will find a new moulded rubber console that is flanged to lock into undercuts in the frame so that it can’t be accidentally removed or fall out of place. It houses the power and function button, and the same 3 tru-color LED display indicators as the original Etek. These 3 clever LEDs allow easy programming of all the user definable parameters by greatly simplifying the programming process. The top LED indicates 10s of units, the middle displays 1s and the bottom shows 0.1 increments. Need to set your dwell to 12.5ms? That’s 1 flash of the top LED, 2 flashes of the middle and 5 of the bottom. It couldn’t be easier.

As well as dwell, the Etek2 has user definable settings for Ball-in-Place, Eyes Off ROF, Cap ROF (uncapped in Semi 1), Debounce, and Firing Mode. As standard the Etek2 has firing modes that should cover almost every tourney eventuality, with Uncapped Semi, Capped Semi as well as current CFOA, Millennium and PSP modes.
Other changes to the frame mean that the grip position at the rear of the frame, as well as the trigger pivot point, have been raised closer to the barrel axis allowing for a more intuitive and comfortable sighting line. The rear contours add an extra degree of comfort to the grip position, and an integrated snatch grip in the frame makes on-field transportation that little bit easier. Inside the XL trigger guard is a new trigger with a flatter face and no lower hook, and is interchangeable with previous Etek triggers.

Feeding into the frame from above, the BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System) and dual ball detents can be found beneath the contoured Nexus eye covers. For those after a little more bling in their breech, the BBSS assembly can be upgraded to the lazer eye system, available as an upgrade.

Staying in the area of the breech, clamping feed-tube attaches directly onto the feed stub machined out of the body billet. This not only produces an incredibly strong feed location for the loader, but also allows the incorporation of the Deftek technology feed tube. This neat little device massively reduces the chance of balls entering the breech and then bouncing back up, only to be chopped by the bolt coming forward. Without adding any ball-in-place delay you can confidently assume that the ball is neatly chambered every shot and initiate the firing cycle with the shortest possible delay. So not only does it prevent annoying breech breaks, but it aids firing at the very highest rates of fire.

In order to maximise the potential of all those loaded and fired paintballs, this year sees the Etek2 come fitted with a Shaft II 2-piece barrel, with its micro-honed and polished internal bores to provide the most accurate results possible. Supplied with a 0.693” bore back and 14” reverse threaded tip.

The body of the Etek2 has been lightened and gently sculpted to distinguish it from the original Etek, with the new Etek logo machined directly into the body, and the machining of the regulators, caps, barrel and OOPS all designed to complement the whole.

So, the bottom line is that the Etek2 has been overhauled in a way that makes it feel better, shoot better, make it easier to maintain and service, make it more reliable, make it more desirable, make it more robust and of course make it look better too. Not only has it accomplish all these things, but also managed to do it in a package that weighs 4.5oz less than the marker it replaces, hitting the scales, ready to go, at exactly 1kg.
At launch the Etek2 will be available in two strikingly different ranges of 2-tone colors as well as the classic combination of black black and black.

The Etek2. Teknically Superior.

• New Lighter Body
• New Frame with Improved Ergonomics and Snatch Grip
• New Flatter Blade Trigger
• New Modular Electronics
• New Interchangeable Micro Switch
• New 2008 On/Off/Purge with T-Rail Mounting
• New 2008 In-Line Regulator w/Aluminium Piston and Coil Spring Operation
• New LPR Assembly
• New Shaft II 2-Piece Barrel
• New Packaging... Delete this as the first 1000 will not I believe !
• Triple Tru-Color LED display
• Micro-Switch Trigger Operation
• 5 Adjustable Firing Modes
• Trigger-Pull Programming
• Tourney Lock
• Deftek Offset Feed Tube
• Clamping Feed
• Nexus Eye Covers
• Break Beam Eyes (BBSS)
• Dual Ball Detents
• Fully Adjustable Trigger
• Pull-Pin Bolt Release
• Integrated Valve and Rammer Housing
• Full Tool Set
• Spares Pack
• Eclipse Gun Oil

Available Upgrades:
• Etek STAR Frame and QEV
• Etek Zick Kit
• Eclipse Lazer Eyes Kit
• Eclipse Beeper Board (when used with STAR Frame)
• Eclipse C-Lever Clamping Feed Neck
• Eclipse 05/06 CCU Color Contrast Kits
• Eclipse SL Barrel Kit

Length: 543mm
Height: 223mm
Width: 29.4mm
Weight: 1.00Kg/2.2lb/35.5oz *

*Weight includes: Barrel, Battery, OOPS, Hoses, Fittings, Feedtube, Regulators, ready-to-go

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Planet Eclipse Recalling Regulator Swivel on some Ego8's

Some Planet Eclipse Ego8's are leaking and thankfully they are doing something about it!! Props to PE.

27th November 2007 - Official Planet Eclipse Press Release.

This press release applies to all Ego8 that were manufactured prior to 9th November 2007.

As a result of our continuous testing, we have recently discovered an Ego8 Inline Regulator Swivel Collar that displayed a defect that resulted in a leak that could only be stopped by replacing the swivel collar component.

Upon examining the faulty component, and with subsequent investigation, we have determined that there is a potential fault in a batch of material used to manufacture a number of Ego 8 Inline Regulator Swivel Collars. As such these components will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Swivel Collars with a potential fault are easily identifiable by the “ECLIPSE” engraving on the component, in particular the spacing between the “C” and the “L” (see bottom image) and the spacing between the “S” and the final “E” (see top image).

- If the letters touch then the component is acceptable and does not need replacement.
- If there is a noticeable gap between the letters, as highlighted in the two attached pictures, then the component will need to be replaced as soon as possible to ensure the highest possible performance of your Ego8 marker.

Please refer to the attached images to determine if your Ego 8 Inline Regulator Swivel Collar is potentially faulty and if so please obtain a replacement using either of the methods outlined below:

Replacement Ego 8 Inline Regulator Swivel Collars will be available from the Eclipse Tech Support Booth at the following events in 2007/8:
- San Diego NPPL (30 November - 2 December 2007)
- PALS Asia World Cup (7 - 9 December 2007)
- All Millennium Series events in 2008.
- All NPPL events in 2008.
- All PSP events in 2008.
- ALL XPSL events in 2008.
- All CFOA events in 2008.

Replacement Ego 8 Inline Regulator Swivel Collars will also be available after the San Diego NPPL event (Tuesday 4th December onwards) by contacting either of these Eclipse Service Centers:
- Planet Eclipse Rhode Island (USA). Contact Gerry Bates on either (401) 2479061 or
- Planet Eclipse Manchester (Rest of World). Contact Nicky T on either +44 (0) 161 8725572 or

When having your Ego 8 Inline Regulator Swivel Collar replaced at either of the above Eclipse Service Centers, please contact the relevant Service Center prior to sending your Ego8 Inline Regulator in to inform them of your requirements and to ensure the fastest possible turnaround. You MUST also include a covering letter with your Ego8 Inline regulator that clearly states the following details:
- Full name
- Full address (inc. State and ZIP Code where appropriate)
- Model of marker (e.g. Vicious Ego 8, Standard Ego
- Serial number of marker (e.g. 70190-12345 or 70050-12345)
- Color Scheme of marker
- Where marker was purchased from.
Please note there will be no return postage charge for this service when dealing directly with either our Rhode Island or Manchester Service Centers and that wherever possible replacement Swivel Collars will match the color of your original Swivel Collar.

We apologize for any inconvenience or disruption that this Press Release may cause to your playing schedule and will do our utmost to ensure that your new parts are returned to you as swiftly as possible.

If you have any questions, our Customer Service department is on hand to assist you, so please contact Nicky T on:
Kindest regards,
Planet Eclipse.

Monday, November 26, 2007

2008 Planet Eclipse Pin Stripe & Crawler Kit Bag

Check out Planet Eclipse's 2008 Pin Stripe Bag and Crawler Kit Bag. The open bag on the bottom is the Crawler! Not bad PE but take it easy with the logo huh!!

Invert Mini New Designz Back Cap

Check out New Designz Invert Mini Back Cap. It's a nice add on it you are looking to have multiple colors!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Designz EZ Qwik Flip on/off

New Designz has a new nice and simple ASA. I haven't seen any other colors but I would prefer the on/off to be the same color.

Here are the features I have been able to find.
- Turned it off, it purges
- EZ and quick to turn
- Small profile
- User adjustable lever tension, make it loose or tight, an industry first
- Includes air fitting, which is normally extra with other on/offs
- Hardcoated activation lever with teflon treatment to reduce friction
- 100% aluminum
- Lever faces rearward when on, so it will NOT turn off when you slide into a bunker

Friday, November 23, 2007

Hitman Paintball Challenge Huge Success

I love that Hitman used paintball as a promotional tool, and why not, in scenario / themed games this couldn't be a better match. I just hope the next promotion isn't " The Harry Potter 6 Paintball Challenge" where wizards battle each other with wands and muggles aren't welcome.

Hitman Paintball Challenge a huge success!
The National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) in association with Twenty Century Fox is proud to announce the overwhelming success of the HITMAN PAINTBALL CHALLENGE. Over 30 paintball fields across the United States participated in this simultaneous mini-themed paintball game.

“Feedback is still rolling in and everyone is excited. I keep getting asked by fields “When is the next game?” says NPPL President Shawn Walker. “It is great to see our industry rally together and support a project like this. Now everyone needs to go out and see the movie, it’s awesome!”

“Working with the National Professional Paintball League on the HITMAN PAINTBALL CHALLENGE has been a great experience! All of the fields who participated did a fantastic job executing the game, and we feel privileged to have been able to work with the fields, players, and the NPPL on this promotion. We look forward to working together to integrate our films into promotions with the NPPL in the future.” said Erin Pargas, Western Field Manager, 20th Century Fox Filmed Entertainment

With so many fields participating it was hard to choose winners. Every field put their unique spin on the script. At Silver Spur Splat field in Princeton Indiana, Russian Mikhail Belicoff arrived via helicopter; during the event at Jungle Island Paintball Park in Lake Elsinore California celebrity players from the Psycho Clown Posse, LA Hitmen and even Pro teams Infamous and Bad Company participated side by side with all players.

Hundreds of Hitman movie t-shirts, barcode tattoos, posters and other giveaways were awarded to every field that participated. Since so many fields and players qualified to win the larger prizes it had to be decided randomly who was going to take home the Xbox360’s, gift certificates and Hitman video games. Also the Grand Prize of a private screening for the winning fields was also decided at random amongst the qualifying fields.

The following fields are recognized as “Honorable Mention Participating Fields”
Silver Spur Splat Paintball – Princeton, Indiana
Battlefront Paintball – Hubbard, Ohio
Camp Pendleton Paintball Park – Oceanside, California
Warpaint International – Salem, Oregon
Jungle Island / Triple Tap Paintball – Lake Elsinore, California
Alpha Paintball – Mesa, Arizona
Splat Tag Paintball – Hudson, Wisconsin

The Grand Prize winning fields who received a private advanced screening of the Hitman movie, an Xbox 360 and Hitman video game are:
Velocity Paintball Park – Bonita, California
Fox 4 Paintball – Upton, Massachusetts

The individual winners each winning an Xbox 360, Hitman video game and gift card are:
Yvonne Truong – playing as Niki at Jungle Island
Hunter Uselton – playing as an Agent at Warpaint International
Malic Bedford – playing as an Agent at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park
Danielle Sylak – playing as Niki at Battlefront Paintball
Brian Knepp – playing as Agent 47 at Alpha Paintball

Thanks to all those who participated. Don’t miss Hitman the movie in theaters today.

Tippmann X7 Review on Warpig

Bill Mills at Warpig has posted a very very detailed review of the Tippmann X7. If you have any questions about the, Features, How-It-Works, Disassembly, Adjustment, Testing, or Test Data head over to these links. Enjoy!

New Hybrid Laser Designs!

Not bad looking but a little too busy for my taste! From what I have read the cost runs between $150 & $200 to get this done.

From top to bottom.
1. Bird of Prey
2. Elgluucha
3. Vines
4. 187

Thursday, November 22, 2007

PGI Issue 225

Paintball Games International Magazine (Dec. 07) has hit the stands and shipped to your mailboxes.

225 - The ‘World Is Ours!’ Issue
The dust has finally settled and Ironmen emerge victorious from the paintball calendar’s largest ever event, World Cup. Shock, controversy, dislocated shoulders and shooting people in mid air were only the start of what could be considered one of the greatest events of all time. Naturally PGi were out in force to bring you a massive World Cup report with all the news, results, gossip and not to mention a truckload of pretty pictures. You’d be a fool to miss out so make sure you get to your local newsagents and pick up a copy, or even better yet, subscribe, and you too can snag all the hot chicks with your impressive array of paintball knowledge.

Naturally all this talk of winning and shooting unsuspecting players in the face has got you wondering how your team can end up taking a shot at the title, well never fear because PGi are here to help you get better. We’ve got exclusive training tips from Hurricanes coach D.A. Adams not to mention the welcome return for PGi’s drill of the month. Plus we’ve also got an exclusive interview with team Impact to find out what exactly happened at last months controversial Kansas City NPPL – only in PGi 225.

And as if that wasn’t enough to get your senses positively tingling, we’re also giving away the fantastic What Paintball Gear? 2007 on CD, absolutely free of charge with this month’s issue. What Paintball Gear? is the definitive guide to the jungle of products shipped out each season by the countless companies in the industry, we separate the wheat from the chaff to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Why are you still here?

That’s only an appetizer of this month’s issue, take a look at what else we have in store…

After the KC event resulted in a tie, we sat down with Impact to get their view on what went down…
Because real life can get in the way of living the dream, what’s a player to do?
Robbo does a post World Cup shakedown
Matty Marshall on the NPPL TV show
Eleven rules to live your paintball life by
How and why you should rule the middle of the field
How to react if your plan goes wrong
Ironmen take the title at possibly the greatest World Cup yet…
PGi sees out the Millennium Series at Disneyland Paris
CFOA 5-Man action from Tennessee

2008 Virtue Loader Backplates

I still don't really get the idea of spending money on these but here are more new backplates.

2008 Alien Independence Frames have been pulling together some pictures of the 2008 Independence... Where's the dust black body?

2008 MacDev Droid - Barbwire

Here's a cool laser engraved 2008 MacDev Droid. If you're that guy or girl with a barbed wire tattoo around your arm this gun is for you. Just be sure you showoff both pieces of artwork on the field!

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy your Turkey today and the long nap that follows! When your day settles down and you get online to search for new paintball gear start looking for all those special deals and or sales. I have listed some below thanks to Paintball Guns. I am on the hunt for more but please let me know if you find something special.

Actionvillage is probably the best place to visit if you’re looking to take advantage of the holiday. They’re offering up to 80% off the original price on selected paintball items. Sale ends at the stroke of midnight on November 26th.

Xtremez doesn’t have a Thanksgiving sale as of this post, but they are offering free gun bags when you purchase any paintball gun. Use the coupon FREEBAG at checkout. is offering a flat 10% off all orders over $50, including shipping. Enter the code "Thanksgiving" at checkout. Sale ends November 26th.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The CIA Helping Paintball

I occasionally deal with insurance issues in my job and can only imagine the obstacles that field owners must have to work around to find it affordable enough to insure their field. Cossio Insurance Agency is changing that and hopefully all our favorite smaller fields can benefit from this!

New field insurance program!
By Cossio Insurance
Nov 20, 2007, 13:47

Cossio Insurance Agency has after 3 years in development, finally delivered the program that field owners have been waiting for! You no longer have to join an association to buy paintball insurance. Especially one that doesn't do a thing for you or that probably doesn't exist. No more noise about the association developing the insurance program when the truth is that they are both using an existing program and charging two association dues because the program belongs to someone else! No more charges based on your gross sales for your paintball field! Your rate is based off how many players you estimate per year.

Larry Cossio has developed an insurance program that is very competitive with both the existing associations and can save you thousands. Larry brought the most competitive insurance program to
the paintball industry in 1998 and lowered rates back then providing an option to field owners. Now he has developed a new program that brings low cost insurance directly to the field owner with the
largest insurance company in the USA behind him, AIG!

You may want to cancel your existing coverage NOW.
Download your application today!

PO Box 188 Simpsonville, SC 29681
Phone: 864-688-0121 Fax: 864-688-0138

Preliminary PSP 2008 Schedule

A Preliminary 2008 PSP Schedule is out and let's hope for "Event 1" to be in SoCal for us californians! I know, spread the love, but I can be greedy and hope for another major paintball event in SoCal. Ok flame away, I can deal!

Event #1
Dates: March 6th-9th
Location: Phoenix/SoCal

Mid-Atlantic Open
Dates: May 1st-4th
Location: PBC Sports Park, Rock Hill, SC

Chicago Open
Dates: June 18th-22nd
Location: Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Center, Bolingbrook, IL

Northeast Open
Dates: August 21st-24th
Location: All American Sports Complex, Latrobe, PA

World Cup
Dates: October 22nd-26th
Location: Disney's Wide World of Sports® Complex, Orlando, FL

Redz Grenade ASA

Add a grenade to the bottom of your gun without blowing up! This will add a cool look but might seem a little odd with a tank hanging off the bottom. It's small size should blend in nicely, nice work Redz!

Redz designs completely unique ASA
By Redz - Nov 20, 2007, 09:01

Redz International, a leading manufacturer of quality paintball goods, has begun to release its 2008 product line, kicking it off with a new and totally unique air system adaptor that is shaped like a grenade.

The screw-in style ASA is shaped exactly like a "pineapple" grenade and is hollowed out in the back so that an air system can be screwed in. The air is channeled out through an included macroline port in the front, and the ASA also has an air bleedout port at the bottom for when it's time to remove the air system. The ASA itself is mounted onto the marker via a unique rail which visually doubles as the "grenade's activation lever", complete with a pull-pin.

The idea was hatched by Carmen "The Angry" Borgia himself during a brainstorming meeting for new product design. The project quickly gathered steam, and Redz engineers quickly modeled it and had the first few prototypes milled out in record time.

"We were all enthusiastic about the project, and got the ball rolling on it that very day. When we got the first samples in from the machine shop, the guys couldn't wait to show me, and I was really happy with how it had turned out. It's visually exciting, simple to use, and it's like nothing ever seen in paintball before now."

The new Redz Grenade ASA is available for purchase at and at your local store or favorite online shop in the next few days, in dust black and dust olive.

NPPL P.R.O. Ref Training Course in Ramona, California

If you want to be a ref for the major NPPL events and work with some of the best players in the world get yelled at by some of the best players in the world. This is a great place to start your training.

DATE: November 24th – 25th 2007
The National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) is hosting an official NPPL Paintball Referee Organization (P.R.O.) referee course at Velocity Paintball, located in Ramona, California.

The training class will be taught by Dan Perez of the NPPL P.R.O. This dynamic course covers the art of officiating sanctioned NPPL events. Referees will gain knowledge on safety, positioning, rules, making the right call, paintball equipment support, protocol and general guidelines for refereeing major tournaments. The class will be both on the field and in the classroom.

What: NPPL P.R.O. Referee training course (2 day course)
When: November 24th and 25th 2007
Where: Velocity Paintball Park
1350 Warnock Dr
Ramona, Ca 92065
Phone 619-871-8504

Time: Registration begins Saturday morning at 8:00 am
The class will run from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Sunday’s training begins at 8:00 am ends at 1:00 pm

Cost: $100.00 payable online at the link below. Includes in-class training, on-field training, certificate, official I.D. Card, a NPPL PRO Referee Manual and Official 2007 NPPL Rule Book.

Referees must register in advance: Limited Spots Available
To register for the course and for additional information, please contact NPPL Headquarters at (909) 230-4388 or email

The National Professional Paintball League Inc. is a player run organization that sanctions and governs Paintball tournaments and play. The NPPL is committed to setting rules, standards and guidelines for safe, competitive, fair Paintball competitions worldwide. For more information please visit

The Custom Products Sling Trigger for Ego 7

It looks cool but I feel like triggers are going to become so small they will start snapping or bending while being walked. This one actually looks dangerous! ;)

By Dale Ford
Custom Products has been around since the early 2000's, starting off with their famous one-piece barrel that set the standard for providing high quality at reasonable pricing. As time went on, CP expanded their lineup to include barrel kits, accessories like feed necks, vertical adapters, and of course, triggers.

Custom Products sent along their Ego 7 trigger. CP triggers come in two varieties, the "Rake" and the "Sling". For this review, we're using the sling variety, in dust black. The review marker used for this test was a Redz Ego 7. The Ego 7 uses a reverse-polarity magnet return, and the option is given to use either a break beam or microswitch to fire the marker. The CP trigger uses a spring to return the trigger once it's been pulled, rather than magnets.

The review marker was set up to use the board's microswitch, and was fed by a Custom Products and a Centerflag Products 420SV air system. A Hard Corps Torque was used to feed the marker's voracious paint appetite. We used Procaps Hellfire, Inferno, and Rec Sport during testing, as well as PMI Shrapnel.

Because the CP trigger comes installed on a bracket with it's own shaft and precision ball bearings, installation of the trigger was greatly simplified. We spent more time adjusting the trigger to our tastes than the actual installation. To install the trigger, it's necessary to remove the grip frame from the marker, then remove the stock trigger, making sure to avoid damaging the eyes for the break beam firing, and dropping in the new trigger with the included spring. The spring itself fits between the trigger's bracket and the trigger itself. If a user feels it necessary to make his trigger pull lighter than what the spring provides, it's possible (but not advised) to clip a coil or two off of the spring to lighten the pull even further. For this test we left the spring intact, and the resulting pull was nice and reactive, returning the trigger to it's starting point quickly, while maintaining a reasonably soft pull.

On field, the CP trigger was a significant improvement over the stock trigger and its' magnetic return. Where the stock trigger was a touch on the mushy side, the CP was tight and reactive, allowing us to get the marker up to speed that critical fraction of a second faster on the break. By using the precision ball bearings, all side to side movement is removed, ensuring that all motion imparted to the trigger is used to actuate the microswitch.

The MSRP price for the CP Ego 7 trigger is $50, and it's available in several colors, including Black Dust, Silver Dust, Red Polish and Blue Polish. Find it at your local paintball shop or direct from

Ego08 All Vicious Private Label!

We saw a white / blue parts Vicious Private Label Planet Eclipse Ego8 at the PSP World Cup. Now more colors are starting to show up. I have personally always liked any gun in all black but this one just seems to be the standard black on black Ego8 with a Vicious logo stamped on the back. At least the other models seem to be custom colors. Who can tell me what if any upgraded internals will allow for the increased price point. I know I may be way off on this one but being in a crapy mood and not wanting to do the research has me ranting.

Monday, November 19, 2007

2008 Invert Mini Custom Ano

Check out the custom anodizing on this 2008 Invert Mini - It would have been perfect for all the halloween games!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

2008 Eclipse Gear

Here's a few shoots of some 2008 Planet Eclipse gear. Nice!

2008 Invert Mini Grips

Check out the new grips Invert has ready for it's Invert Mini line! Hot Hot Hot!

Chrono 300 - JT 2008 Gear Pics has a nice little set of pictures featuring some gear from the JT 2008 lineup! I personally like seeing the new WGP guns...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tippmann X7 Goes On "Sale"

Tippmann will be running a November promotion, placing all their Tippmann X7’s 10-15% off regular price. If you’re in the market for an X7, now would be a great time buy one. One of Tippmann’s most successful and reliable paintball guns on the market, the X7 should perform well in any paintball game type (woodsball or speedball).

The promotion starts November 16th and runs through the end of November. The promotion by Tippmann Sports usually trickles down to the online retail stores like Actionvillage, Xtremez, etc. So keep you’re eyes peeled the next few days at your favorite online store to catch the savings.

Tadao Has Been Working Late!

Tadao Boards Ego 07 & 08!

The Yakuza Series
The Yakuza Series continues with an OLED based board for the Ego 7 and Ego 8. I think the most common complaint about all the aftermarket Ego boards is the lack of an LCD or OLED screen.

Now a true aftermarket upgrade board for the Ego is finally here.

The picture below also shows our new large scale text option for those who have been around for a considerable number of years. I expect this to be quite popular among the players in the Master’s bracket (cough old people cough)! Also, since the Ego mounts the screen vertically through the rear window, there will be a reversal option to align the display whichever way the user prefers.

The prototypes for the Marq and Ego will be on display at the Commander’s Cup NPPL in San Diego at the end of the month. I’ll be working out of the Bob Long tech area. There may even be a few more OLED prototypes for other markers finished by then, too.

The Yakuza OLED Marq boards are in full production and will hopefully be available soon.

Tadao Boards DM8, PMR & SL

Proto PMR, DM8 - X Yakuza Board
Yes, I’ve been working like crazy lately. I finally finished off the latest Yakuza series prototype for the DM8, which will also work in most Ultralite frames. Like our Universal Ultralite board, the Yakuza will also have ribbon and wired eye sockets so it can work in the Proto, PMR, and older DMs without any adapters or modifications.

SLG Musashi Prototype Board
The SLG board will be Musashi 7, not Yakuza, as is obvious by the pictures (no OLED screen). It does feature a 7 color super-bright LED to replace the stock 3 color. The large capacitor is necessary because the SLG uses a coil to actuate a sear, rather than a pneumatic solenoid.

Eclipse Ego - Fantastic Post

Planet Eclipse is giving themselves props. Good for them!

Halo Tool Less Battery Door Knobs

These have been in our stock for a while, but were never officially announced. They are made from stainless steel screws with a Delrin machined knob. The Delrin grips the battery door really well so it doesn't vibrate loose, and the fact that these are hand tightened and not tool tightened means no cracked battery doors from over tightening your screws.

Halo Battery Door Knob

- Take your batteries out without a tool. By popular demand.
- Model: PPSP981
- Delrin and Stainless Steel construction
- Manufactured 100% in USA by Palmers Pursuit Shop
- Low Cost: See link above.

Also available in a 'Smoke' version made from a clear poly-carbon.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Invert Doing The Tank Thing

Not a 45ci and not a 68ci - right in the middle. I guess the tank market needed one more choice. I see it as a way to sell more tank covers! Honestly, some will be interested.

NEW TANK! Invert 56ci 4500psi
* Light, compact and will give you up to 1000 shots with a full fill.
* Includes low pressure drop in kit!
* Output pressure is preset to 850psi.
* Consistent Flow Technology piston
* Mil-spec Belleville springs
* Dual safety rupture plugs for both bottle and downstream safety
* Mechanical gauge
* Nickel plated brass bonnet
* Certified fill nipple
* Dual locking set screws
* 5 year hydro test date

Empire Magna Drive - Magna Clutch Overview

If you want a full understanding of the Empire Magna Drive Hopper - Magna Drive clutch and how it works check out this video. It really gives you all the information you need to setup your hopper for all kinds of paint.