Friday, November 23, 2007

Hitman Paintball Challenge Huge Success

I love that Hitman used paintball as a promotional tool, and why not, in scenario / themed games this couldn't be a better match. I just hope the next promotion isn't " The Harry Potter 6 Paintball Challenge" where wizards battle each other with wands and muggles aren't welcome.

Hitman Paintball Challenge a huge success!
The National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) in association with Twenty Century Fox is proud to announce the overwhelming success of the HITMAN PAINTBALL CHALLENGE. Over 30 paintball fields across the United States participated in this simultaneous mini-themed paintball game.

“Feedback is still rolling in and everyone is excited. I keep getting asked by fields “When is the next game?” says NPPL President Shawn Walker. “It is great to see our industry rally together and support a project like this. Now everyone needs to go out and see the movie, it’s awesome!”

“Working with the National Professional Paintball League on the HITMAN PAINTBALL CHALLENGE has been a great experience! All of the fields who participated did a fantastic job executing the game, and we feel privileged to have been able to work with the fields, players, and the NPPL on this promotion. We look forward to working together to integrate our films into promotions with the NPPL in the future.” said Erin Pargas, Western Field Manager, 20th Century Fox Filmed Entertainment

With so many fields participating it was hard to choose winners. Every field put their unique spin on the script. At Silver Spur Splat field in Princeton Indiana, Russian Mikhail Belicoff arrived via helicopter; during the event at Jungle Island Paintball Park in Lake Elsinore California celebrity players from the Psycho Clown Posse, LA Hitmen and even Pro teams Infamous and Bad Company participated side by side with all players.

Hundreds of Hitman movie t-shirts, barcode tattoos, posters and other giveaways were awarded to every field that participated. Since so many fields and players qualified to win the larger prizes it had to be decided randomly who was going to take home the Xbox360’s, gift certificates and Hitman video games. Also the Grand Prize of a private screening for the winning fields was also decided at random amongst the qualifying fields.

The following fields are recognized as “Honorable Mention Participating Fields”
Silver Spur Splat Paintball – Princeton, Indiana
Battlefront Paintball – Hubbard, Ohio
Camp Pendleton Paintball Park – Oceanside, California
Warpaint International – Salem, Oregon
Jungle Island / Triple Tap Paintball – Lake Elsinore, California
Alpha Paintball – Mesa, Arizona
Splat Tag Paintball – Hudson, Wisconsin

The Grand Prize winning fields who received a private advanced screening of the Hitman movie, an Xbox 360 and Hitman video game are:
Velocity Paintball Park – Bonita, California
Fox 4 Paintball – Upton, Massachusetts

The individual winners each winning an Xbox 360, Hitman video game and gift card are:
Yvonne Truong – playing as Niki at Jungle Island
Hunter Uselton – playing as an Agent at Warpaint International
Malic Bedford – playing as an Agent at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park
Danielle Sylak – playing as Niki at Battlefront Paintball
Brian Knepp – playing as Agent 47 at Alpha Paintball

Thanks to all those who participated. Don’t miss Hitman the movie in theaters today.

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