Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The CIA Helping Paintball

I occasionally deal with insurance issues in my job and can only imagine the obstacles that field owners must have to work around to find it affordable enough to insure their field. Cossio Insurance Agency is changing that and hopefully all our favorite smaller fields can benefit from this!

New field insurance program!
By Cossio Insurance
Nov 20, 2007, 13:47

Cossio Insurance Agency has after 3 years in development, finally delivered the program that field owners have been waiting for! You no longer have to join an association to buy paintball insurance. Especially one that doesn't do a thing for you or that probably doesn't exist. No more noise about the association developing the insurance program when the truth is that they are both using an existing program and charging two association dues because the program belongs to someone else! No more charges based on your gross sales for your paintball field! Your rate is based off how many players you estimate per year.

Larry Cossio has developed an insurance program that is very competitive with both the existing associations and can save you thousands. Larry brought the most competitive insurance program to
the paintball industry in 1998 and lowered rates back then providing an option to field owners. Now he has developed a new program that brings low cost insurance directly to the field owner with the
largest insurance company in the USA behind him, AIG!

You may want to cancel your existing coverage NOW.
Download your application today!

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