Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Custom Products Sling Trigger for Ego 7

It looks cool but I feel like triggers are going to become so small they will start snapping or bending while being walked. This one actually looks dangerous! ;)

By Dale Ford
Custom Products has been around since the early 2000's, starting off with their famous one-piece barrel that set the standard for providing high quality at reasonable pricing. As time went on, CP expanded their lineup to include barrel kits, accessories like feed necks, vertical adapters, and of course, triggers.

Custom Products sent along their Ego 7 trigger. CP triggers come in two varieties, the "Rake" and the "Sling". For this review, we're using the sling variety, in dust black. The review marker used for this test was a Redz Ego 7. The Ego 7 uses a reverse-polarity magnet return, and the option is given to use either a break beam or microswitch to fire the marker. The CP trigger uses a spring to return the trigger once it's been pulled, rather than magnets.

The review marker was set up to use the board's microswitch, and was fed by a Custom Products and a Centerflag Products 420SV air system. A Hard Corps Torque was used to feed the marker's voracious paint appetite. We used Procaps Hellfire, Inferno, and Rec Sport during testing, as well as PMI Shrapnel.

Because the CP trigger comes installed on a bracket with it's own shaft and precision ball bearings, installation of the trigger was greatly simplified. We spent more time adjusting the trigger to our tastes than the actual installation. To install the trigger, it's necessary to remove the grip frame from the marker, then remove the stock trigger, making sure to avoid damaging the eyes for the break beam firing, and dropping in the new trigger with the included spring. The spring itself fits between the trigger's bracket and the trigger itself. If a user feels it necessary to make his trigger pull lighter than what the spring provides, it's possible (but not advised) to clip a coil or two off of the spring to lighten the pull even further. For this test we left the spring intact, and the resulting pull was nice and reactive, returning the trigger to it's starting point quickly, while maintaining a reasonably soft pull.

On field, the CP trigger was a significant improvement over the stock trigger and its' magnetic return. Where the stock trigger was a touch on the mushy side, the CP was tight and reactive, allowing us to get the marker up to speed that critical fraction of a second faster on the break. By using the precision ball bearings, all side to side movement is removed, ensuring that all motion imparted to the trigger is used to actuate the microswitch.

The MSRP price for the CP Ego 7 trigger is $50, and it's available in several colors, including Black Dust, Silver Dust, Red Polish and Blue Polish. Find it at your local paintball shop or direct from www.customproducts.us

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