Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pig TV - PSP World Cup Video Reviews

Warpig & PigTV posted four new videos from the PSP World Cup...

The newest generation in the HALO/Reloader line of loaders is here - the Magna Drive Loader. It has a new body shape and tool-free battery changing. An adjustable magnetic clutch system allows the drive system to slip indepentend of the drive cone paddles, allowing it to be more gentle on fragile paint. Simon "Manike" Stevens, director of research and development for KEE Action Sports talks about its features.

SAVE PHACE- Video Here
Save Phace is releasing an all new paintball goggle/mask system. Jerry Wright talks about its features and how the company got involved in paintball.

MacDev, the air and marker company from Down Under, is releasing a second high-end marker to compliment their Cyborg. The Droid is a single-tube spool valve marker. Watch as James Grundy talks about its features at the PSP Paintball World Cup 2007.

PROTO SLG - Video Here
While they continue to make the high-end DM8 and PM8, DYE is launching a more affordable marker - the Proto SLG. It features a blow-forward bolt system with pneumatic that is controlled by a solenoid tripped sear and anti-chop eye system. Eric Roberts of the Ironmen talks about its features and maintenance.

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