Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Palmer's Pursuit

Check out this bad-ass pump gun from Palmer's Pursuit. This brings me back to my first paintball gun (WGP Sniper) and the memory of taking out three semi players, watching their faces when they realized I had a pump.... Those were the days!

Expected at the end of November. $200 non returnable deposit to reserve a serial number. No deposit required to get on a call list. Call For Price.

-100% MADE in the USA
-Built in Palmer Stabilizer (regulator)
-Quick Fire autotrigger. Hold the tigger down and pump away.
-HARD Anodized Black standard. Other colors optional.
-Ball-Feed Indexing and Barrel "Wedgit" (no roll outs)
-Compact and light weight: only 2 pounds with barrel and 12g changer
-Length: 15.5 inches (std. barrel 10.5")
-Barrel: Blazer clamping style barrels
-Aircraft Grade Aluminum Main Body
-Swing Trigger .45 frame
-Vertical ASA (adapts to many configurations)
-R.O.F = Blazing fast (depends on how fast your arm is) Mechanical Trigger (No batteries needed)
-Ready for CO2 or N2/HPA
-UltraQuik Field Stripping
- Right, Left and Center Feed versions are availible

The photo below is the first prototype that Craig made, anodized in house and close to but not a final product...we're still working on some other new features for it such as a 'L pump' that can be seen in the photo like the hitman mod for snipers and doing custom changable feeds as addons. Ultimately the center feed models will look just like this one with a Lapco made clamping feedneck thats removable and interchangable with a stock class feed or a spring feed. The barrels it will use are standard Blazer style non-threaded barrels, any current barrel can be milled to fit, however we can make a barrel for you to your specifications out of brass. The pump stroke is very smooth, the springing inside is nelson based therefore very light, Craig has been using sear springs as his pump return springs and they work great. The stock on the one below is an addon Craig added to play with it this weekend, its optional. **No name has been decided on yet, we are taking suggestions...our old working name was 'Pyre'.

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