Thursday, October 18, 2007

Smart Corps Wins SPPL 2007

In this press release about Smart Corps winning the 2007 SPPL we get our first official information about the SP-1 (see the bold below)!

Loyalhanna, PA – October 17, 2007 – Just completing its third season of competition with finals in Wyandotte, OK, the Scenario Player's Paintball League has become the premiere battleground for paintball teams to test their mettle in a scenario style competition.

The SPPL game format involves hour long games with teams fighting for control of not one flag, but of three bases. Additional objectives can be captured which can give teams a tactical advantage by instantly resurrecting eliminated players, calling in airstrikes or obtaining intelligence via the referees.

The Smart Corps Factory Team, consisting of employees working in Smart Parts' Pennsylvania office and factory, has not only risen to the top in the SPPL, they have had a great time doing it.

While several team members have played tournament paintball in years gone by – when big national tournaments were still played in the woods – most of their games today, consist of taking a break for some walk-on games at the All-American Paintball Park.

“You have to realize that we play the SPPL because we love the woods, love the format, love the stand up play, and love the sportsmanship,” said team member Sean Scott, a Smart Parts dealer sales representative. “We are pretty much rec ball players, since the only competitive league we play in is the SPPL,” Scott continued, noting that the team has seen their participation in the league as a chance to help grow the teams they have been playing alongside. “This year, the day before the finals, Smart Corps member Darryl Trent put on a free player's clinic where were more than sixty players players received tips and guidance to improve their playing skills.”

The SPPL finals also served as a trial by fire for Smart Parts new SP-1 Tactical Marker. Smart Parts president Bill Gardner, Jr. found it no surprise that the new marker was up to the task.

“If you look at what the winning teams are shooting in professional tournaments, you'll find Smart Parts markers more than any other brand. I'm excited to say that our new SP-1 has become a part of that tradition.”

The compact milsim-oriented electropneumatic paintball marker will have its official public debut at the 2007 PSP Paintball World Cup.

Smart Parts, Inc., is a leading developer and manufacturer of equipment and accessories for the sport of paintball. For more information, visit

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