Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Paintball Sports Trade Association

The Paintball Sports Trade Association (PSTA), the not-for-profit organization recently formed in cooperation with the SGMA (Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association) to increase Paintball awareness, acceptance and participation around the globe, has officially launched its Web site at www.Paintball.org. The new interactive destination is designed as an unbiased resource for anyone seeking comprehensive information about the sport of Paintball. The site provides a detailed Paintball overview, tips for playing the game, articles for newer players and their parents, safety guidelines and industry standards, and a variety of resources for Paintball retailers and field owners.

"With the level of participation and mainstream acceptance that Paintball is now benefiting from, it's critical for our industry to have a voice," said Howard Kosick, chairman of the PSTA. "And, with the new website in place, we know the PSTA's voice can be heard by a mass audience-around the world, 24-hours a day. Without question, this is an important step that will help strengthen the Paintball industry over the long term, so we're excited about launching this site."

Other highlights of the initial site include: an introduction to the PSTA and its current member businesses, the History of Paintball, frequently asked questions, a directory of terms, links to various Paintball leagues, information about publications and other resources covering the game as well as special event, field and store locators. The new web site is a work in progress and we expect to add new information and resources over time.

"Simply put, our goal with the site was to create a one-stop information shop for everything Paintball," said Craig Miller, the PSTA's vice chairman. "We want parents, players, retailers, the media, Paintball entrepreneurs and others to bookmark the site, come back often and really utilize it as their gateway to the industry."

The Paintball Sports Trade Association was organized to heighten awareness excitement about Paintball, and serve as valuable resource for those seeking additional information about the industry. Member businesses, in alphabetical order, include: Action Village.com, DYE Paintball, JT Sports, Kingman USA, Planet Eclipse, Procaps LP / DXS Paintball, Special Ops Paintball, Tippmann Sports and Zap Paintball.

For additional information about the PSTA, including the organization's mission and goals, please visit www.Paintball.org.

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