Friday, October 19, 2007

Virtue & derder Release a FREE DVD

You can find the video at Paintballstar. The press release is below.

Virtue is pleased to announce the release of Virtue Volume 2 by derder productions. The DVD, with nearly 30 minutes in footage, will be available for FREE to all Virtue Paintball Dealers at the World Cup and will begin shipping to dealers in November from Virtue's offices in New York.

Additionally a 16 minute segment produced by derder is available online for everyone. Virtue Vol.2 is a hard hitting look at many of the top pros in paintball as they destroy their competition on the field and explain why Virtue is the only board they trust in their gun. The video showcases the success of the Ironmen; the vast majority of team uses Virtue boards, and Virtue sponsored Russian Legion plus several other Virtue pro players.

Brandon Halvorson of derder productions had this to say, "Before beginning work on this project we knew that Virtue made a superior product. After working closely with Virtue, I can say that not only do Virtue boards shoot the best, but their love and pride in their product is second to none. It was a pleasure working with Virtue. And I recommend Virtue Boards to every player I know."

Featured players in the DVD include:

* Ollie Lang / Ironmen
* Pete Utschig / Ironmen
* Alex Lindqvist / Russian Legion & Authority
* Zack Long / XSV & Blast
* Dave Baines / Russian Legion & Dynasty
* Jason Baird / Russian Legion
* Alex Goldman / Ironmen
* Konstatin Fedorov / Russian Legion
* Marcello Margott / Ironmen
* Mikhail Knyazev / Russian Legion
* Kirill Prikhidni / Russian Legion

Other top Virtue pros like Brandon Short, Sean MacDonald, Bobby Aviles, and the rest of Russian Legion and Aftershock make appearances in the DVD.

"Virtue supports paintball pro shops all around the world. Our #1 focus is Virtue customers - paintball players and paintball stores. We want to make sure stores are successful and that's why we worked with a top company like derder to produce this DVD for them to show to the players," said Virtue President Mike Newman.

Virtue will begin distributing the free DVD at World Cup and shipping it to dealers in November. Paintball Dealers interested in receiving Virtue Vol.2 should contact Virtue to become a dealer: or (631)617-5346.

Click here to watch the main segment online:
Watch the video until the end to view a shocking confessional by Dave Bains!

Or click here to download the code to embed the video into your website.

This is the second Virtue DVD released for free to paintball dealers. Last year Virtue released Vol.1 by Jawwbraker/Disconnected Promotions and will be distributing leftover copies for FREE to everyone at the World Cup. Virtue is the manufacturer of the #1 Upgrade Board in the world and is widely hailed as the most important upgrade you can put in your gun.

“Virtue is the only upgrade you need to put in your gun, I promise you that,” Ollie Lang

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