Friday, October 19, 2007

Hitman Paintball Challenge

Alright everyone order your new Smart Parts SP-1, get a barcode tattooed on the back of your head, and buy a new black suit. You are going to need to be prepared for these big scenario games!

If you loved Hitman as a game and can’t wait for the movie, now is your chance to experience it in YOUR WORLD! 20th Century Fox and the NPPL have teamed together to create a nation-wide paintball challenge. Over 30 fields across the United States will be competing in a 3-hour big game event scripted with scenarios pulled directly from plotlines in the upcoming HITMAN movie, coming to theatres November 21st. Based on the widely popular videogame series, the Hitman Challenge will follow the story line of the upcoming movie, pitting The Agency, led by Agent 47, against the Russians, led by Mikhail Belicoff, who is Agent 47’s next target.

Tons of prizes will be given away to players including XBOX 360s, HITMAN video games, t-shirts, movie posters, advance screening passes, and hundreds of dollars of gift cards. The first 100 people to sign up at their field (via email or in person) are guaranteed a promotional prize when they show up to play on the day of the event!

A GRAND PRIZE will be granted to the field with OVERALL the greatest turn out and best marketing! In Addition to sending out news blasts congratulating the Paintball Field, 20th Century FOX will secure the largest theatre in the area and host a private screening for the Field and up to 300 of their friends!

To find a participating field near you visit here.


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