Thursday, October 25, 2007

ODD Paintball - Custom Marker Design offers custom designed graphic anodizing, laser engraving, and general paintball design. Check out a few of the bad-ass designs and if you want to see some more head to their site and go to the gallery! I have also listed the packages they offer below....

Paltinum - $665.99
Is your idea truly over-the-top? For those looking to turn it up to 11, this package offers the pinnacle of our abilities! The possibilities for your design are truly open here, even extra drafts, changes, additions, etc. are possible if necessary. Custom engraved DStroyer grips from Dark Seoul are included. This is truly the jumping-off point for your ultimate gun.. want a stand, wall-display, hand-tooled leather grips, matching engraved shotglass?; any crazy idea.. shoot it by us and odds are we can make it happen!

Gold - $500
The true starting point for an ODD original. All Gold package guns are one-of-one, and thus guaranteed never to be duplicated. We bring our complete design services to your theme, working with your full input and any usable artwork you wish to provide. This package includes full ano and laser services as necessary to execute your unique design. Anodizing up to 16 pieces(including one body and one frame) is included in our Gold tier package.

Black Gold - $450
Any color you want as long as it's black. Based on our experience, laser engraving looks best on a dust black ano. This package takes advantage of this fact by offering a dust black ano on up to 19 pieces(including one body and frame), and then focusing the design on using that ideal surface for some detailed laser work. An example of a well executed black-gold package would be our Roy Ego, or the Knotwork Pump. Guns that are already dust black or have a significant number of currently dust black parts can receive a discount.

Silver - $350
Gold on a budget. This package delivers the same ano and laser possibilities as our Gold package, but limited to a body and trigger frame. Bring us a theme or idea, and we take it from there! This package allows us to more freely interpret your idea while creating your ODD design; as opposed the more cooperative approach available with our Gold and Platinum packages. Small numbers of additional accent pieces (i.e. eye covers, triggers, etc.) can be added on an additional, per-part basis, and subtracting the trigger frame drops the price $25.

Bronze - $300
Looking to spruce up one of your favorite guns? This package combines a single-color ano with simple laser engraving on up to ten parts! Note that for a project to fall into this category, the laser graphic should be relatively complete (i.e. requiring no additional prep time or retooling in Photoshop; team logos, peace/anarchy symbols, other clip-art style graphics, etc...) and limited to a single, non-crucial placement on the body.

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