Saturday, November 10, 2007

NXe Resigns Dynasty & Expands Sponsorships

I wonder how Dynasty feels about being called "boys" but I guess as long as NXe is paying them they can call them whatever they want! Don't get me wrong, it's always good to see major paintball companies offering bigger and better sponsorships.

NXe Re-signs Dynasty for 3 More Years
NXe announces it will expand sponsorships in 2008

NXe (Scottsdale, Arizona) – NXe announced today that it has re-signed San Diego Dynasty for 3 more years and at the same time confirms it will expand it’s team sponsorship program.

John Bosch, President of NXe commented, “We are very happy to make this announcement. Our relationship with the boys is one of commitment and respect. The boys feel the same way about us. This is one of the few, truly professional teams in paintball today. Their actions, attitudes and performance, event after event, only proves how special this team is. They are everything that makes this such a great sport and true heroes the kids can look up to.”

Alex Fraige of Dynasty added, “NXe and Dynasty have been a great match since the beginning. We are excited and enthusiastic about extending our deal. The team is looking forward to keep working with NXe to develop new and groundbreaking products that set the paintball standard for excellence. "

Bosch went on to say, “I would like to also formally announce that NXe will expand its team sponsorship program in 2008. We realize the industry has experienced some rough years and that many companies, both big and small, are going to sharply reduce their sponsorship offers. Here at NXe, we have had another year of strong growth, both here in North America, as well as the global marketplace.

During our budget meeting for 2008, we have decided to allocate additional funds in order to expand on the successful sponsorship program we have. In saying this, I would like to stress that we have begun cutting some of the existing teams that no longer have marketing and promotional value and simply no longer give us the return on our investment. We have, and will continue to add new teams and invest heavily in some of those new and upcoming teams, as well as our existing stable of teams. This will be on a global scale.”

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