Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Redz Grenade ASA

Add a grenade to the bottom of your gun without blowing up! This will add a cool look but might seem a little odd with a tank hanging off the bottom. It's small size should blend in nicely, nice work Redz!

Redz designs completely unique ASA
By Redz - Nov 20, 2007, 09:01

Redz International, a leading manufacturer of quality paintball goods, has begun to release its 2008 product line, kicking it off with a new and totally unique air system adaptor that is shaped like a grenade.

The screw-in style ASA is shaped exactly like a "pineapple" grenade and is hollowed out in the back so that an air system can be screwed in. The air is channeled out through an included macroline port in the front, and the ASA also has an air bleedout port at the bottom for when it's time to remove the air system. The ASA itself is mounted onto the marker via a unique rail which visually doubles as the "grenade's activation lever", complete with a pull-pin.

The idea was hatched by Carmen "The Angry" Borgia himself during a brainstorming meeting for new product design. The project quickly gathered steam, and Redz engineers quickly modeled it and had the first few prototypes milled out in record time.

"We were all enthusiastic about the project, and got the ball rolling on it that very day. When we got the first samples in from the machine shop, the guys couldn't wait to show me, and I was really happy with how it had turned out. It's visually exciting, simple to use, and it's like nothing ever seen in paintball before now."

The new Redz Grenade ASA is available for purchase at www.redzcomfort.com and at your local store or favorite online shop in the next few days, in dust black and dust olive.

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