Saturday, January 26, 2008

2008 WDP New “Magno” Internals for Angel 1

The upgraded internals for the Angel 1 have been discussed and a big topic of conversation on many boards since the middle of last year. WDP has finally put a name, date, and price on them - MAGNO, FEBRUARY, & $129.99.

I am sure as few of you are aware, FMA and WDP were just recently down at JT USA providing a A1 tech course. At this course we were able to release and show the new upgraded internals for the A1. The new internals are amazing and have made the KISS technology and air usage of the A1 better and hard to believe even smoother. We have been testing the internals for some time now and very happy with the results. We are hoping to post some photos today and as soon as we have a target date (very soon BTW) and pricing you will see it here first. We would also like to take this time to thanks all of the participants at the class for their great work and support and to JT for treating us very well.

We have been testing settings, between the following:

Minireg 150-200psi
LPR 40-55psi
Dwell 4-6.5

We have been very happy with:


As of today, the new Magno will not be available until late February. Total cost with ram will be $129.99. As promised all pre-orders with FMA will receive a discount and any customer who purchased their A1 from us will receive a substantial discount on the kit. When available we will also install with new Angel 1’s purchased from FMA.

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