Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NXe: Jrny Loader Released

The 2008 NXe Jrny loader has been officially released to the public. It's a sweet looking loader that plenty of people have been drooling over. Anyone out there have any first hand experience playing with it yet?

* Systematically Engineered, Form-factor design, provides slimline playing profile, while providing perfect equilibrium of balance.
* Battery compartment located directly above feedneck to ensure superior distribution of weight
* Mega-lite drive design allows for the use of high-quality materials throughout
* Minimized hopper exposure.
* Sleek, aerodynamic body.
* Advanced Power Management System
* Unparalleled battery life allows 20,000+ balls to be fed on 4 AA batteries.
* Use 4 AA batteries for maximum battery life, or 2 Lithium Ion batteries for reduced weight.
* Low battery indicator.
* Highly Advanced, Innovative Software and Electronics with Patent Pending J5 Technology.
* Automatic adjustment to optimum feed rate
* Automatic detection and clearing of jams
* Unrivaled Ultra-Modern Design

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

they were sent back due to so software issues so no ones got them yet.