Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rumors Rumors Rumors 12.12.07

- Jax Warriors fold, most of their players to Static.
- Tampa Bay Damage gets NXL spot.
- Russians to hold an invite only tryout this weekend. There are about 20 first string players on the list, details to come later.
- Word is Lucian Blackburn is a done deal.
- Bryan Smith will be playing for eather Philly or Ironmen.
- Jason Edwards to Philly.
- Dirty Dave and Chris Bell retire, well miss you.
- Kevin Rhodes and Bryce Rhodes back to Ultimate.
- I’m not sure that Trauma is 100% done but I am sure they are losing some ringers, more details to follow.
- Avalanche players previously rumored to be leaving are all sticking around.
- Greg Paulie to coach Aftermath I hear.
- No response yet from Tony M. yet on the roster rules but the majority of NXL coaches are talking about it being true.

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