Sunday, December 30, 2007

PbNation Skydeck Project - Ideas Please

I am sure the list of upgrades are going to be simple to extreme. Gun Racks, Air Fill Stations, Internet Stations, Xbox 360's, etc. As long as it has kegerators and lounge chairs it can't go wrong!


Hey here is a project we are doing for 2008 and we need your help and ideas.

We want to tap into the genius that is PbNation and see what suggestions and unique elements we can add to the PbNation Skydeck before it hits the road in 2008. PbNation will be customizing an Airstream Skydeck motor coach to travel to large events and for a planned tour of paintball fields this summer. It has all the basics but we wanted to add some more stuff and toys to really load it up.

Let us and the nation know what your ideas are…

The Skydeck
The PbNation Skydeck is a unique vehicle as only about 100 of these units were every made and this one will be refurbished and customized specifically for use by PbNation staff, members and sponsors. The Skydeck is a two story motor coach with a patio deck for 15 on the top floor.

On the inside in the front is a stairwell to the top deck (only interior stairwell on a motor coach).

In the midsection will be another sofa and Pullman bunk with a dropdown TV. (This is a custom add so no pictures). In the rear is a bedroom that will be replaced with a lounge with two sofas, big screen TV and audio system and other goodies.

View down hallway…

The Process
In the next few weeks Doug, Leonard and the very creative staff at Sagon RV will be ripping stuff out of the unit and adding the custom components to make it very unique and very special. They need to know ASAP about what to put into the coach. This is your chance to participate by adding suggestions and letting us and Sagon know what you think should be added to the motor coach. Get on it and let us know what you would like to see happen.

We are all excited about the possibilities and the finished product. We will be taking pictures and videos as the project progresses.

Thanks for the help and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

The Team at PbNation

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