Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2008 PSP ROF 13.33...

Why 13.33 and not 13 or 14? I like the idea of less paint which I expect will mean bigger moves and more movement from the players. Shit, let's just go back to pump ;)

I said that I would announce what we are doing here this week. I thought that I would have a final answer. I don’t.

There will be a reduction in legal fire rates beginning in 2008.

If you do not have a board that is able to adjust below 15bps, you will need to get access to another board, or have your board reprogrammed to allow you to operate your gun at a lower rate.

PSP has made a decision as to what we think is best. We are withholding a final decision while waiting for additional discussion with industry and outside industry groups who weigh heavily on this decision.

The moment that I have a final number, I will post it here.

I would recommend that people start to do what is necessary for their guns to operate at around 13.33 bps. I would also recommend that teams start to practice at this rate.

That’s what I have to say for now. I may have a definitive or specific answer as early as the first week of January. As soon as a specific number is decided, there will be a press release as well as a post on PbNation reflecting this decision.

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