Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rumors Rumors Rumors 2.14.08

- LP to give up the Dojo to write for Facefull in 08. Dont worry I will finally get an editor :p

- Lucian Blackburn quits Russians, says he "Just wasn't feel'n it...".

- Billy B to Infamous for XBall

- NEH backs out of NXL creating a odd number of teams, so in effect the NXL drops Ultimate.

- NEH signs with XO for paint.

- BSmith backs out of Authority for 7 man.

- BJ Jolley to NJ Authority for 7 man.

- Rolt Roberst back to XFactor.

- KEE cuts back all remaining sponsored teams to a max of 500 cases of practice paint.

- Ironmen consider dropping NPPL.

- Chad "yaya" Bouchez formaly played for vicious is now a Aftershock member.

- Shock will be shooting (exclusively) Black Shell, Ultra evil Orange fill paintball and they will be getting custom milled AShock edition dm8s from Dye.

- Kasey Feilds quits Naughty Dogs to play for Ironmen but his 2 year contract is still owned by Rocky Knuth so Hinman buys out Kasey Feilds contract in order to barter for Mouse's contract.

- Frank Connell is allegedly being forces to serve a 1 match suspension from over a year ago sences he has been in the open devision sence that time. This would be his first match back in the NXL sence the suspension and the powers that be are so far expecting him to serve it.

- XSV's gun sponsorship cut down as far as approximately 5 egos. They are still struggling to find the money to compete in 08.

Thanks PBDojo!

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