Sunday, March 9, 2008

PSP NXL Phoenix

If you live in the phoenix area or happen to be passing through.... March 13th - 16th!

7:30am Los Angeles v. Tampa Bay
8:30am Boston v. Avalanche
9:30am Seattle v. Aftermath
10:30am Dynasty v. Impact
11:30am X-Factor v. Philadelphia
1:00pm Chicago v. Oakland
2:00pm Aftermath v.Los Angeles
3:00pm Impact v. Boston
4:00pm Tampa Bay v. Seattle
5:00pm Avalanche v. Dynasty

7:30am Los Angeles v. Philadelphia
8:30am Boston v. Oakland
9:30am Seattle v X-Factor
10:30am Dynasty v. Chicago
11:30am Aftermath v. Tampa Bay
1:00pm Impact v. Avalanche
2:00pm X-Factor v. Los Angeles
3:00pm Chicago v. Boston
4:00pm Philadelphia v. Seattle
5:00pm Oakland v. Dynasty

7:30am Tampa Bay v. Philadelphia
8:30am Avalanche v. Oakland
9:30am Aftermath v. X-Factor
10:30am Impact v. Chicago
11:30am Los Angeles v. Seattle
1:00pm Boston v. Dynasty
2:00pm Philadelphia v. Aftermath
3:00pm Oakland v. Impact
4:00pm X-Factor v. Tampa Bay
5:00pm Chicago v. Avalanche

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