Thursday, April 10, 2008

Solo Jungle

Face Full's scenario mag is now on it's own!

Jungle Magazine hits newsstands

If you’re new to Jungle, this is the only dedicated scenario paintball publication that brings you woodsball news from all over the world.

If you’re curious about why the first newsstand copy is actually the 14th issue–it’s because for the past year, Jungle was packaged as a free publication with Facefull Magazine, the world’s top competition paintball magazine. Following the incredible success and overwhelming support from the scenario community and players all over the world, Jungle is now ready to launch as its own independent publication, with a cover price of just $4.95.

Why Jungle?
If the lifestyle, equipment and interests of scenario paintball players are so different from competition paintball, why cover them in the same magazine? We don’t. Jungle is an independent full-blown scenario paintball magazine. It features the latest news, gear, tests, strategy, in-depth features, and profiles, but also brings you exclusive interviews with the most respected names in the game, and keeps you updated with unparalleled coverage of scenario games from across the US all the way to the UK, Russia and Asia.

Continued praise for Jungle Magazine:

“I feel that Jungle Magazine is at the cutting edge of the ever changing paintball industry. I am amazed at the photography which always catches my attention, leaving me wanting to see more.”
Dewayne Convirs, D-Day Productions, USA

“Jungle magazine mirrors the high quality of their sister magazine, Facefull. Their excellent photo quality really brings the games to life. I like the rating system and honest views that they portray in their event coverage as well as their style of writing.”
Mike “Blue” Hanse, EMR Paintball Park, USA

“It was about time a magazine tackled Milsim paintball. It’s the best industry news of the decade.”
François Gagnon, CEO Bigfoot Paintball, CANADA

“If you are a scenario or tactical player or just a serious recballer, you must have it. If you are an event promoter, Jungle will give you new ideas. If you’re a parent, keep up with what your kids are crazy about.”
Nick Sobolev, Action Paintball Games, RUSSIA

“Did someone say camo gear? I’m thinkin’ Jungle has this covered!”
Dean “CUDA” Allen, Mission Masters Paintball Games, USA

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