Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Team Desert Edge Press Release

Planet Eclipse shows their true support for Scenario Paintball and awards Team Desert Edge a Private Label Limited Edition Ego 9. Eclipse and Desert Edge have worked together in designing a gun that appeals to all players, but has a special "wood" flavor.

Team Desert Edge has been playing exclusively with Eclipse gear for several seasons. 2009 brings a fourth year of Eclipse sponsoring the Team. Over the past few seasons, both families have backed each other in every way possible. Desert Edge has continued to do all they can to promote the sport of Paintball with the highest level of sportsmanship. The team's promotional efforts don't stop there. Desert Edge has learned years ago, there is no alternative to Eclipse Markers—and they work hard to prove that across the country year-after-year.

Desert Edge thankfully represents Eclipse off and on the field by showcasing the best gear known to man—from the stylin' casual line of clothes, to the entire "Distortion" line of performance Paintball Gear, and to the most practical gear bags around. Desert Edge is Ecstatic to now get the chance to put their own flavor on the best guns in the sport—and the best Ego yet.

Eclipse steps up their level of support to Scenario World more each year. This new adventure with Desert Edge is yet another way they will no- doubt, bring more players together on common ground no matter what style of play.

Planet Eclipse Ltd. or Team Desert Edge does not in any way guarantee the Desert Edge Ego 9 to actually have the flavor of wood.

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